What if the Intifada got into the Zionist settlements?

The current uprising which has interred its sixth month doesn’t seem to be about to stop. It eases for a while and then escalates again, and this situation would last for years to come.

It is clear that the current Intifada is different in both form and practice that the first and the second intifadas. It is not public and widespread like the first one, and it is not “militarized” like the second one in which arms, explosives and suicide bombers take share especially inside the Zionist cities.

This intifada, or uprising, is restricted to a certain age range and in certain regions of “contact points” that were created by the Oslo Accord agreement. In addition it is shaped also in the stabbing and run-over operations as a main form of resistance. It has been noticed that lots of the operations have been done inside the settlement, and at the main roads that connect the settlements to each others, which has terrorized both the settlers and their leaders who live an unanticipated state of delusion of “fighting terror” which can be connected to what some Arab countries pass through of “fighting terror”.



The uprising that is going on in Occupied Palestine is pretty natural for a people that is fighting for its freedom under the occupation for over half a century now. It is a people that is doing its right to resist subscribed in the international treaties, that other than it is a human nature that refuses to be humiliated but to live with dignity and freedom.

The exaggerated wailing and whimpering cried out by the Zionist leaders when a settler is killed, injured, or even when only threatened, wont help as long as the occupation continued. The total number of the killed Zionists is 33 settlers while the assassinated Palestinian youths are around 200 for the same period.

Now, what would happen if more people joined the resistance and it became public? How would the Zionist gang of Tel-Aviv react if the Intifada got into the Zionist settlements? How it would be if more youths joined and blocked the streets of the settlement, and more settlers got killed?

The Zionist extremism and arrogance while turning their back to the Palestinians right to live, wont lead to the Palestinians kneeling as the Zionists think, but it will lad to more uprising against the occupation. So, it is advisable for those arrogant tyrants to look for a suitable solution that would satisfy the Palestinian public, who would burn the ground if they lost hope in freedom and justice, and then the “security cooperation” of the PA with the Zionists will be useless as the same field execution and repression wont help.

By: Rashid Shahin

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