Democratic extremism

They say “you wake up“. When you look at what’s really going on in the world and look at your nation’s international activities with a critical eye. I thought I was “awake”, but it seems I hit the snooz button. I am awake now, I hope. The result of changing perspective on my own nation and it’s allies? I feel like I have no belonging. The culture that I’m looking at now, is not the culture i was raised in. I constantly remind myself “They’re asleep“, but it saddens me that I have to deal with the fact that I live in an “extremist nation

If you read the government’s definition on extremism they say the following:

“Violent extremism is defined as a person who commits violence to reach ones ideological or political goals”

↖ Radikalisering,

The same article says that one can be radicalized in ALL forms of philosophies of life or found within any given social group. It can be internal or external motivation that initiates the process. The time course varies, but the distinction between radicalism and extremism occurs somewhere between nonviolent radical utterances, threats and acts of violence.


I have been called “extremistwhich by definition is wrong, I’m not going to intervene to violence to achieve political or ideological goals, nor do I support those who do. I radicalized expressing myself radically, but this is because the the world to wake up too.

A capitalist that speaks of changes in a business in a sense that exceeds Code of Conduct is a capitalist in a radicalization process. A girl that goes from weighing themselves annually to weighing three times a day, act tape measure, start with diet. Is in a radicalization process when it comes to body fixation.

A Muslim who expresses himself on the brink of threatening of the West and is no more than a Muslim who is radicalized, he need not be extremist that reason alone. Gaddafi expressed radical statements, but compared to the norms in that region, he was far from extremist.

United States is a radical culture! No matter what the topic is one becomes radical in their statements about it, they say themselves that social norms are so clustered that one has shout to justify their own stance.

The real issue in the US is that this radicalism converted into extremism, also at the White House. What‘s worse is that the West following suit. The major concern is not that our political leaders follow the United States blindly, but all aspects of society are involved in the process and radicalized in parallel and are projecting it on the population. It’s downright scary.


Once the the capitalist cut down of the rain-forest, the nature is subjected to an act of violence. It is basic knowledge that this harms and at worst kill innocent in the habitat of, the capitalist knows this too.

The capitalist also know that slave labor is illegal. It’s a form of abuse against workers, because it damage both individual and society. It should lead to the employer running a business with slaves. The correct term for a capitalist with these ethics is extremism – within the capitalistic ideology.

The girl who increasingly focus on own appearance change approach, and the day of her sticks a finger down into the throat to vomit, this is is an extreme act. If she developing diagnoses anorexia and bulimia, or going to a surgeon and multiple rounds of plastic surgery.

Even though she knows long periods without food could be fatal, and cosmetic surgery is a form of violent act against the body that causes lots of pain and distress, the girl has become beauty extremist. These are extremist acts!

Following the attack on New York, Norway has gone through a radicalization process

When I say that I do not feel a sense of belonging anymore, it’s not that I don’t feel NorwegianNorwegian. I feel very Norwegian! I am working for peace daily, working for human rights, and promoting what I thought was Norwegian values to everyone who is willing to read / listen. I say I do not feel a sense of belonging, because I believe that Norway is not Norway anymore.

Gaddafi had many political reforms that made him popular among his population. Cash and interest-free loans to young and newlyweds. He enacted laws on free electricity for everyone. I meet arguments. How do you think a dictator maintains his dominance“? Whereupon my only answer is “Why do you think the Norwegian currency is invented“? It becomes a radical stance, since the act is not done in “the shrine of democracy“.

“I’m so glad I’m not committed on the issue. This is what I hear when Palestine appears in conversation with old friends. I focus more a lot on the issue, and for friends since childhood this is impossible to miss in terms of how I’ve altered myself in social media.

My friends are mostly on the same page as myself politically, however I also dare to say that if if it was not for the doctrine in our media, at school and among our political leaders, they would have been more concerned about it. If the abuses wasn’t conducted in the the shrine of democracy“?

What happens inside you if anyone threaten your democratic ideology? What did you think when France bombed Syria? In case you were indifferent or supported the action, you have been radicalized! Have you gone in demonstrations, or given your choice vote to FRP just because of the immigration policy? Then you’re radicalized!

The extremists our defender of democracy

PST has armed the police because of an “elevated security threatsto protect the people against hazards that can come. If this particular danger occur, democrats are allowed to fire we are allowed to protect ourselves against occupation. Palestinians however are not allowed to because the occupation in the Palestinian territories is done in Democracy Shrine“.

When Palestinians defend themselves with rocks against dimebombs and white phosphorus on their ground, then it is rather called terrorism. Reason? The bombs are released in “the shrine of democracy

When the United States think a country developing nuclear weapons, they call out in defense of the democratic society, then they fly thousands of American men and women to the other side of the planet and conduct acts of violence against millions of innocent people.

This IS extremist acts, however since it is done in “the shrine of democracyrephrased the to “self-defense against radical statements.”

NATO together with Norway supports the United States democratic extremism, we have also carried out extremist activities by participating in bombing raids in the Middle East. Why are you so afraid of some radical Muslims, when we let ourselves be led by the ones acting like extremists?

We are the ones is willing to kill in the “the shrine of democracy“. Radical Muslims simply come because they is unwilling to resort to armed an struggle! They are actually the ones ALLOWED TO ATTACK THE WEST, by law.

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