Peace? Yes, sir!

Despite 60 years of suffering under occupation and war, no matter who you talk to – if they’re Palestinian they will say the biggest dream is to live in peace. They love life and everyday events of life, just as much as us – if not more.

Palestinians are decent and peaceful this is proven in all the peace agreements that’s been signed by the Palestinian Authority. Hindsight shows that all agreements, not just the Oslo-Accords was signed with a promise of peace between TWO independent nations – Israel as one, and Palestine the other. In other words, Palestine as an independent nation and the Palestinian population would have equal rights with the rest of the global society.

Naturally Palestinians feel “intoxicated by their victory,” following the signings. Unfortunately, however, when the Palestinians “win their liberty”, the medal has a reverse side. Israeli settlers work efficiency through what I call the “placebo-intoxication” that the message of peace had given.

Israel is “holding ground” by increasing the amount of settlers immigrating, and settlers living in Palestinian territory aim to control Palestinian daily life more than they do already.


Is it even possible to imagine a Palestinian’s life?

The arrests, killings and torture they are subjected to? If you live until your 10th or 15th birthday without being arrested or shot you’re lucky! If Israel need more territory for military use, they seize it the same day. This increases the barriers which make it difficult to move from one city to another, and the construction of the separation wall that has also separated families from each other.

They even control power over the airspace the ones with their tear gas being launched every day against Palestinian people and their home. Practices such as these makes it impossible to establish peace and increase the chance of additional conflicts that is going to make the situation worse for both Palestinians and Israelis.

The famous Israeli journalist Gideon Levi attended a conference hosted by the Israeli lobby in the US.

He argues that the Israeli mindset is wrong, and that there are three reasons for it.

Firstly, the Israelis live with the belief that they are “God’s chosen people” and because of this they can do what they want to the Palestinian population, without consequences from the international society.

Secondly, and this is a new phenomenon “the occupation presents themselves as both first and last victim in this conflict”. This gives the occupier an excuse to subject high amounts of suffering on the Palestinian population, without considering the suffering it amounts to. This exempts Israel from being held accountable according to their crimes.


The occupation is spreading death, not roses

It may take days and nights talking about the conflict, a Palestinian lost all expected power to act About Palestinians throwing roses at the Israeli soldiers coming to arrest, kill and terrorize them, the soldier would respond with violence and shooting – because no occupation will receive roses, or share roses with the population they occupy.

Israel continue to occupy while they think that they want peace, but what peace can be made with more occupation and suppression?


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