A continuing intifada & the occupation will lose


It’s almost half a year since the Palestinian uprising  and the Third intifada – Al- Aqsa  arose against the occupying authority and population. An intifada that  is  growing  stronger i numbers and power. Hopefully this will continue for years.

Right before the uprising I published an article with a warning-, I wrote that this situation would provoke and force the Palestinian resistance into a third intifada – with more motivation and force  than their former generations had.

Personally I believe this is the start of something much bigger, we will see many changes, but not just in the Middle East. No, I think we’ll see drastic changes in the world – a total shift in world-power.

“Polite silence” in Western media…

rtx10r95[1]…is a weapon for IOF. In fact I  don’t think I’ve gone a day without news of kidnapped or  killed Palestinians in the predominantly West Bank or Jerusalem where the demonstrations most intense, but no one is safe anywhere from the criminal Zionists.


Images of barbaric act -executed by the authority in what we call the “only democracy in the Middle East

Democratic leaders give concrete orders to aim and execute children??


Only last week three Palestinian children where executed, and the reason for the executions was  simply –

because they attended a protest against the execution of a friend  – another child the month before.

This is routine now. With every protest against the oppression, the oppressor responds with  brutality and torture.


People who supports the occupation is constantly focused on stones being thrown, or the alleged knife attacks. In these cases I return the question. Why do IOF need to carry around weapons around children who carry rocks? That’s no lethal weapon! Why would  a trained soldier need a leathal weapon in such situation, aiming it at their head? Eliminate a threat isn’t the person, that’s last option! An  IOF soldier walking towards a Palestinian rebel? This would be grounds to aim at the head!

Democratic leaders give concrete orders to aim and execute children??

It’s impossible for a Palestinian to ignore the fact that they live under occupation., it’s natural to feel a need to fight people who’s stealing your land, we did the same in Norway during WW2. Children are killed  whilst DEFENDING  their country from being taken away, not because they are terrorizing a friendly neighbor.

If you think that Palestinian resistance will give in and surrender, after more than 60 years in this battle? You couldn’t be more wrong.

You should never underestimate human uprising! These people have nothing to lose, they are in it to take hold of their own destiny.

Over the next few months the Cold War we are are witnessing today progress, intensify and over heat – and change the world as we know it.  Rigid fronts and coalitions. Iran, Syria and Russia against Turkey and Saudi Arabia, with US and NATO i for iesinvolved, this will and up with the Third World War – it will alter the entire Middle East and above all alter the situation in Palestine.

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