Resistance and occupation

Resistance and occupation are a combination that will be forever with us; resistance ends only when occupation ends: this is an inevitability the Zionist leaders are trying to ignore.

To describe as acts of terror what the Palestinians are doing in the occupied territories is nothing new. To describe anyone criticizing the brutal and criminal acts of the Zionist occupation forces as an anti-Semite, is nothing new.

When the Zionist leaders of Israel address the world, and describe the Palestinian resistance against occupation as acts of terror, they are relying on a huge media machine, often owned by Zionists, who support the Zionist leaders and defend their barbaric policies to the West, alongside a large number of hypocritical and cowardly politicians who lack self-respect and credibility and courage.

If the Zionist leaders were to be confronted by honest Western leaders, who remind them that what is going on in the occupied Palestinian territories are war crimes and that Israel is turning into an apartheid regime, and committing genocide, things would be different, and the Zionist leaders would be forced to review their position. The apartheid regime must be faced with the facts as they are and must be told by Western leaders that they cannot continue with their crimes without being made accountable.

To continue to describe the resistance of the Palestinians as terror will never change the reality or end the conflict, and will not change the fact that we, as Palestinians, are under occupation, and have the right to resist the occupation according to international law. Resolution 3103 states, “ The struggle of peoples under colonial and alien domination and racist regimes for the implementation of their right to self-determination and independence is legitimate and in Page 10-15 Editor’s preface (Obs! 3000 page) full Talmud

When we describe the occupation as an apartheid regime or that the Zionist thugs have committed war crimes and genocide against our people, it is not because we want to twist the truth as the Zionists always have, but to reiterate what has been said by many Israeli Jews, including Ilan Pappe and other well respected figures.

One of the main problems the Palestinian people are facing is that these immigrant fanatics who are coming from every corner of the world believe that this land is their ancestral land, and it is another Zionist lie which states that Palestine was a land without a people.

Zionists have a short memory when they describe our resistance as terror; it is a fact that Israel itself was created by terror and genocidal crimes with the assistance of the British colonials at that time.

Zionist leaders of Israel should be advised to re-read history. It might open their minds and eyes, when they find that there never was in the history of mankind an occupation which has lasted forever, and that every occupation has been faced by resistance.

Palestinian people are not an exception: they will do as all peoples around the world who have experienced occupation do, and will continue their resistance, which is inevitable, because freedom cannot be granted by occupiers, and certainly not by racist Zionist occupiers.

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