Alert! New waves of protests against the Norwegian CPS

Translation: Varsler ny protestbølge mot Barnevernet: 09.02.2016 av: Erlend Skevik

Foreign Affairs Dep.:It’s a challenging situation.

The global demonstrations against the Norwegian CPS is continuing to grow, and today the movement is signalizing a new buildup of demonstrations in support the Norwegian-Romani family from Song & Fjordane. They lost 5 kids after CPS took them out of their home by force last year. The family’s proponents, is part of the Pentecostal congregation, and they arranged large demonstrations in The US as well as many other nations. Norwegian embassies has received a number of complaints from nations all around the world.

Do you remember this? CPS case nicknamed “Norwegian Nightmare”

It was big new in India, the decision that 2 Indian children where forced to return to his care, whiles under care at the Child Welfare Department in Stavanger
In the US the families been given support with 500.000 signatures as well. The family was accused for violent neglect. The couple also admits to; have giving them a little spank, or pulled their ears when they – even though they knew this was illegal in Norway. The couple are members of the Pentecostal Congregation, and many of their supporters claim that religious indoctrination was the true reason for taking the children out of their care.

Both Vancouver, Canada and Brisbane, Australia are cities that will join metropoles like NY, San Francisco and Huston.

The Russian Commissioner for Children is accusing Norway for “Terror against children”.

The spokesperson for the American movement, minister Cristian Ionesc calls the event a success. He also adds that they are in the middle of planning the next event April 16th. 2016.

“We demonstrate against the CPS decision, because we mean that that CPS judged wrong, and at the same time intensifying the info campaign in the political environment, according to web pages”, Ionesc explains.

“Nazi – Compare”

Norwegian Foreign Affairs Dep. Says this has been a challenging conflict, where the embassies have been dealing with demonstrations and email campaigns.

We have tried to get information about the case and we are trying to implement facts to give information about how CPS works. There is no easy job running a campaign sourly running on will” is the argument Frode Amundes has to give when it comes to that.

Norwegian CPS case has been a top political issue in many European countries. Political front figures like President Zeman of the Czech Republic, has been harsh in his critique of Norway in this situation.

President Zema is one of many compares CPS to the Nazis
If we look at the context of what Norway stands for, it’s obviously out of order, but at the same time it looks like this has become a national competition as to; “Who can find the cruelest accusations against Norway”. Is the most important part of the process

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