I’m Palestinian , so who am i ?

    “I’m Palestinian , so who am i ? “

I’m Palestinian , should i live or die ?!

I opened my eyes in this life to see my people cry

I want to say that i wish i wasn’t born , but i feel shy

Not because i’m Palestinian , but because i found this life its only for sly


I’m Palestinian , so who am i ?

I’m a bird , they cut his wings and preventing him from fly

I’m a child ,a girl,a mother a father ,i’m a guy

Let me breathe my freedom,i got tired from my despair sigh

They all promised me before , but they all lie


But to be fair, sometimes they go out in media to decry

Some of them using my issue , by telling me that they are ally

You call yourselves humans , while the others rights you deny

We don’t give up , you can’t destroy us or buy

You must ask yourself why


We are the steadfast people ,since Nakba 1948 , the 15th of July

Palestine is our blood, and without the blood our bodies will be dry

Finally but not least, i send a message to humanity, say goodbye

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