Topic Childhood:Gaza’s Children

Here is Gaza, the land of many things, children labur is a big topic to be discussed. As a teacher I lose 3 students from each class a month, when I ask about them the answer is ,” went to find work”

Despite the fact that the Palestinian work law prevent the children to work but they are willing to work in return of some money for their needs.

The situation in Gaza Strip force children to find and way to work including venter streets, factories, or building works, they also accept dangerous jobs as a result of the Israeli siege that throttles Palestinian lives and dispels their childhoods.

According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, there are 102,000 children under the age 18 in the work field, and more than 65.000 children between the ages of 7-14.

Ahmed Maher, a mechanic in Gaza, confirms that many children come to him asking for work in which his job is considered very dangerous. Marouf assures that he refuses all children who do not fit the appropriate age for work.

“Children work long hours for few Shikles, (20 NIS) which in illegal according the Palestinian work law,” Marouf said. “But if the government can not support these families, what they have to do except sending their children to work”.