You don’t need to be Mads Gilbert to be able to show the world how life is in Palestine! Actually the reason the racism is increasing and the stigmatization is more stigmatizing today, is a direct result of media’s general subjective broadcasting policy.

Comprehensive publishing about different elements that makes Palestine, PALESTINE. This made us think of “Topic of the week” and the reason is that a well known pedagogical strategy is comprehensive teaching. This is because this creates something more then JUST KNOWLEDGE, it creates UNDERSTANDING.

So our topic is one word, and you can write about what ever subject you want as long as it is in an “area” surrounding that one word.

We don’t want Mads Gilbert to write, but Palestinians! Mads has his experience, and he knows a lot – but we need Palestinians to help us create the type of understanding that Mads has developed by seeing all the sides of Palestinian society.

We are publishing one new topic every week. If you want to help us with articles you can send them as private messages Palestine Momentum  on:





Why should you do it?

When you publish it’s easier for us to get donations in the blog, and as a contributor you will have a say in what Palestinian NGO should be given the donations we get from our reader. With time, WHEN this is a success our writers in Palestine will be payed too – it’s work to write articles, and they live hard lives under poverty. This is ONE way to get money circulation back into Palestine.

We at Palestine Momentum hope you join us!

Solveig Staal

(On behalf of the palmom.org board)