Female escaped from the police with a refugee family

Dramatic scenes as asylum seekers were sent away.


This morning, when did refugees at Vesteieren in Kirkenes received notice that 31 individuals would be transported out of Norway. Who would be returned was named on a list at the reception center. As the expulsion started, there were several who tried to flee, according to iFinnmark.

Including enhanced refugees who tried to leave the camp in a private car, but was surrounded by the police.

A second asylum seeker jumped into another car, but the police took the registration card from the driver, a Norwegian woman.


Then a mother with a small child trise to flee. She tried to get in a NRK car, but got into a private car.

You can see as she tries to escape here.

They managed to escape from the camp, but the car was stopped by police shortly after. They tried to make their way into a church, according to witnesses at the scene.

SOUGHT INTO THE CHURCH: Behind these doors three refugees sought shelter. (Photo: Ole Tommy Pedersen)

According to the newspaper Aftenposten, a female drove off with a refugee family. The paper informes us that road blocks was established , but that the vehicle managed to get escape

Arrested: A woman helping refugees to flee from Vestleiren . Here she gets apprehended by the police. (Photo: Stian Hansen)

We’ll keep you posted on the matter

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