Field executions of Palestinians

What is going on in the Palestinian occupied territories is not extrajudicial killing of Palestinian civilians, it is field executions on orders from high ranking politicians and military generals.

When Swedish foreign minister, Margot Wallstrom called for opening an investigation into Israel’s extrajudicial killings, she was severely attacked by Zionist politicians; an unprecedented campaign of hatred and incitement was launched in the Zionist mass media against her.

The Zionist leaders of Israel are not used to such criticism from Western leaders, that is why the Wallstrom statements were shocking and disturbing. Israeli politicians are concerned that such statements may encourage other world leaders to follow her in criticizing Israel and exposing its crimes as a prelude to the condemnation of Israel in the international arena.

If this does occur, it means the immunity of Israel and its Zionist leaders, which has lasted since the creation of the Zionist State, will come to end, something which frightens and triggers panic in them.

They believe that for seven decades they have been immune to criticism and that Israel is above International law. Since the beginning of the current Intifada, execution of Palestinian youth and children happens almost every day. Videos which were widely spread throughout the world show very clearly that Palestinians were shot and killed without committing any crime. Many videos show that the allegations made by the occupation authorities were quite simply fabricated.

Watching those videos you do not need to be an expert to verify if this was a field execution or a fabricated scene; many videos show clearly how knives were planted, and many others show that no threat of any kind was caused by the Palestinian victims.

Videos show that victims were left bleeding until they died, others show how racist Israeli society is, especially when Zionist settlers chant and abuse the victims, such as the case of the child Ahmad Mansrah, who was lying in the street bleeding, and was screamed at, attacked and beaten by the occupation police.

The world’s leaders must have the guts to name things as they are; what is going on here is not only killing without trial, or extrajudicial killing, but war crimes, or crimes against humanity. What the occupation forces are doing in the occupied territories is committing crimes; naming things by their real names, and calling the acts of these forces crimes may push them to hesitate to kill and shoot merely on the grounds of suspicion.

If the West starts to say how things really are as far as the occupation goes, this will irritate the Zionist leaders of Israel and make them reconsider their attitudes within the occupied lands.

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