Palestinian journalist Mohamed al-Qiq enters coma

The Palestinian journalist Mohamed al-Qiq has fallen into a coma after entering his 48th day of hunger strike, as said by his family. Al-Qiq’s wife told press that her husband has entered a very critical stage of his hunger strike which started on Nov. 24, 2015.

The hospital in Afula where he is hospitalized, has begun taking forced blood samples from his body as a prelude to force feed him, the wife quoted his lawyer as saying. On the forty-six days after he began his hunger strike, Al-Qiq has lost the ability to speak or walk, and has begun to vomit and urinate blood. According to his lawyer, Ashraf Abu Snena, al-Qiq can barely communicate using signals.

Both his legs and one arm are handcuffed to his bed at all times and he already lost 22 kilos. Al-Qiq from the village of Dura, near Hebron, work as a reporter for the Saudi news channel “Almajd.” and was arrested on November 21, 2015 when Israeli soldiers blew up the front door of his house and took him in for interrogation at Israel’s Kishon (Jalame) detention center.

He went on hunger strike in protest against being held under administrative detention with no charge or trial. According to PIC, over the past week, al-Qiq has refused an Israeli offer for his release after extending his administrative detention for one last time. He declared his insistence on maintaining his hunger strike until his unconditional release

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