On November 03rd

By ♥ Mohammed Moussa


Now while I’m sitting alone,

looking at the glamour of this calm sundown

drinking a cup of coffee to drown

my evening longings.

I start to yearn for my passing memories.

Surely, life is passing so quickly,

I can feel my flashing days while they’re

escaping from my present.

And the rushing memories of my life, while they’re

vanishing in the air of reminiscences.

From time to time I ache from the

echo of my bygone memories.

Therefore, at the moment, I actually

miss every single passing moment in my life.

And I feel that I long for

drawing my memories on the wall of my present.

Maybe I really suffer from the pain of longings.

Thus, on November 3rd I call my nostalgic

moments of love and joy to visit me once more.

Photo : Gaza ♥ Karim Zidian Photography ©

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