Tِhe Child Ahmed Manasrah, Our Iconic Torture

The horror scenes that appeared in the “leaked or smuggled” video clip of the child Ahmed Manasra sitting among three Zionist interrogators, have called lots of rage and anger, at the time of lots of sympathy and proud of an iconic Palestinian child that will carve its image in the human memory like Fares Odehm Mohahhd Al-Durrah and Iman Dehho.


The scenes also recalled all the Zionist crimes of killing, burning, field execution and systematic killing of our children, which has been perpetrated systematically by both the Zionist settlers of burning the Dawabsheh family and the child Mohammed Abu-Khdair before that.

The 13 years old child Ahmed Manasrah was subject to a brutal interrogation which is describes the least as illegal, immoral and inhuman, where three Zionist interrogators experience their sadism on him while he faced them like a real man,  a real hero. He found no words but to repeat “I don’t remember!”  to face their furious shouting that revealed their sadistic racism that resides in the heart of these killers.

I wonder what crimes have been perpetrated against the child Ahmed off scene in that interrogation “office” Specially that the whole world has witnessed what the Zionist police officers and the Zionist settlers had done to Ahmed when he was lain bleeding on the street and moaning without anybody to help him or give him first aid, their only “first aid” was cursing, shouting and kicking.

The child Manasrah was an iconic sample of the Palestinian painand the Zionist malice in both video clips, while he was bleeding in the street and again tortured in the interrogation cells.  He also sums up both the Arab and international incompetence if not betrayal when it comes to what the Palestinian people suffering, as the Arabians put Palestine to tail their list of priorities, while the Arab top priorities have become to destroy other Arab nations serving their zio-American masters.

I didn’t wish to write of Ahmed because his pains are bigger that the luxury of writing, the pains of Ahmed is our collective pain, that there is a huge difference between Ahmed Okasha ((an anti-Palestinian malicious journalist) and between Ahmed Manasrah is unbridgeable, this pain cant be summarized in articles or even books. “writing” is probably the best representative of the inability state which I live representing the Arab nation from the Pacific to the Arabian Gulf, it is the state of oppression and conquer that every Arab lives his days, weeks and years, and we don’t know how long this state of depression would last.

Ahmed bangs his head in a way expressed the anger subdued in his chest. I didn’t feel for a moment that he was afraid despite his precious tears, he was coherent specially when he said almost mocking his torturers (at the minute 7.31 of the clip): “You don’t know that it [the knife] was erected and you have been asking me for ages about that?” this was what Ahmed said in a clear mock which made the chief interrogator shout at him: “Don’t be rude, boy!”

Ahmed was not trying to be rude, he was replying the most suitable reply, Ahmed was continuous in his retaliation, and sometimes he didn’t find the suitable words. The overflow of questions continues to flood the child till he finally: “You are right, ALL what you say is right” which lead the interrogator to reply triumphantly: “Thank you! That’s all what I want.”, thinking that he has accomplished a great job.

Because the child Ahmed got to the point to conclude that there is no way to reach to the least “mutual” understanding or a common logic, he said in despair: All what you say is right” and he returned to bang his head with both his hands asking to be taken to the doctor, and it was clear from the first clip that he had got lots of kicks on his head.

Ahmed was sitting among his torturers moaning his pains, and we were sitting being tortured with our inability, brokenness and weakness, it is a moment of the Arabian shame and humiliation. Ahmed cried and made us all cry because he banged our heads that were fossilized into shapeless stones, he reminded us that we have chests with no conscience and that we are a nation without a future.

This is Ahmad, the true Arabian [in reference to Ahmad, the Arabian, a song by bMarcel Khalife] which his torturers wanted to send a message through him to the Arab nation that it is a nation without dignity and that it was castrated and “lamb-ized” and deluded to stop knowing what is good or bad for it, a nation that is eating itself, devastating itself and is no longer able to reconciliate within itself.

The message that the fascist Zionist wanted to pass to the fossilized minds through Ahmed the child, in his moans and pains, in the innocence of his childish tears, this message might have passed through the soft and pale hearts to tame them, but it didn’t pass to tame the hearts of the Jerusalemite children, who have continued their attacks against the herds of the Zionist settlers with their bare hands but of stones and knives two days after passing that inhumane Zionist message.

Ahmed Manasrah will stay a dignified Palestinian icon and a high head despite his torturers, he will stay a living witness for their shameless brutality wherever they go, and even if they are not brought to courts, it will be an eternal shame for both the Zionist killers and the Arab nation that betrayed Palestine and left it alone with its children, women and elders, and in the top of all left abandoned and betrayed Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Rashid Shahin

Translated by: Sami, the bedouin 

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