Western arrogance and media may actually be our “a-bomb”

Around one years ago a tragedy found place in the Western, “democratic” society! A dialog between the Western and Arab society developed. This was a rare thing, I actually thought most people in the Middle East was illiterate people without ability to reflect and communicate with other cultures. This dialog seems to be the one thing we needed to tip the balance of power between state leader and the man in the street.

(This is a personal take on how the Norwegian media fail in meeting the paragraphs in the “Be cautious poster” – This is the ethical rules the all the levels in broadcasting is supposed to follow).

  1. The press’s roll in the society

Yes! The press has a role in society, and today not only society become less in terms of a multicultural. Refugees from countries not necessarily share the same attachments to our alliances, but in fact it has direct familial relationship in the countries distant to ourselves. These people are part of the society, which the press shall provide news events too.

 1.1. Freedom of speech, freedom of information and press freedom are basic elements of a democracy. A free, independent press is among the most significant institutions in the democratic societies.

Who decides what to broadcast in Norway? I firmly believe that I have seen a number reporters in Norwegian news organizations, non-ethnic Norwegian ones? If nothing else I reckon those are aware that there are more cardinal directions than JUST the “West”?

When a journalist promote the interest of an issue, such as car bombs exploding in Lebanon. Is it editors, policymakers or staff who have the ethical right to say “No, the present case is not essential information to share in our democratic societies of the Western part of the world”? If this happens do not have a journalist an ethical responsibility to speak up? this is actually a major issue to inform about? Is it just me that uses the free speech and “publishing” – liberty we have in Norway?

1.2. Press has important functions for informational purposes debates and social criticism. Press is particularly responsible for allowing different views to be expressed.

I feel it is reprehensible that media states that it is the not Westerners and the “undemocratic” nations that don’t want to live with the rest of the world, when in fact these societies proves to be most powered by Social Inclusion – as well if it comes to tragic incidents against the Western citizens. Press has repeatedly created a tiny western bubble, where nothing penetrates without having profit.

These things I have annoyed me LOADS during the last year, I have read articles and analyzed the concepts and the strategy of use of concepts and layout. One does not need a sacred book to indoctrinate the PEOPLE, only constancy and exercises complete discretion, and certain “taboos” that get people who do not obtain preferred degree of dormant state – taboos get these to keep quiet. Criticism of sources applies to you too, right?

It is not positive that we demonstrate sufficient social Engagement and question what we hear from in the Media stream? After all why so many of us have a more balanced news and current worldview … than the people living in the western bubble-world

providing the impression that Moslems is a group of people who are bred for terrorist activities. In fact in all parts of the globe Moslems are generally a suppressed group of people since their religion say that not to cause others harm. This is where the my thoughts on the indoctrination emerge.

Providing the impression that Muslims is a group of people who are bred for terrorist activities. In fact in all parts of the globe Muslims are generally a suppressed group of people since their religion say that not to cause others harm. This is where the my thoughts on the indoctrination emerge.

1.4. That is media’s right informing about developments in society and expose reprehensible conditions. It is a press obligation to shed critical light on how media themselves claim their role in society.

Now that Facebook established itself as a way to communicate between, for example Arab countries and Western societies. It gives a natural increases in the demand of raising the range perspective of the media’s news organizations. Not only do I get my info from both the east and the west anyway, and know what you leave out, but it also gives me a wider range of people I’m “allied” with – friends with – WORRY ABOUT! My confidence to the media in Norway is so damaged that I think there is cause to view it as censurable.

Libanon: New terror attack Nov. 15. 2015 with multiple civilian casualties after a car bomb detonated.

“Terror” affecting the the West – is terrorism MY FRIENDS in Arab countries have experienced daily – for years!

The world doesn’t light up my friends flag colors, but if an attack strikes the “white man”, the “United” leader march to make claims on their human right. Or like this weekend – The French flag lit globally some minutes after attacks happened – I was amazed at how fast it happened actually. From these acts it’s like my FRIEND’S flag was laid in a coffin in the attic back in 1948. I feel that it’s evidence enough in itself, of how the world is portrayed in the Western society AND media. And that according to the regulations in the ethical rules, it shows that the media is in DESPERATE NEED OF “The Real Review“, or t quite simply conclude with the fact that they have outplayed their role in society as a info-provider with credibility

1.5. The press’s duty and a functions is to protect individuals and groups against abuse or neglect by public authorities and institutions, private concerns, or others..

The French do not feel persecution! Actually it took a while before they reacted to the bangs – last weekend.

In Norway also – “the terror alert is sharpened” These are constant circulating messages media gives us. This alarming details we’ve heard since 21st of July last year.

YetI do not see Norwegians race to the radio or were desperately looking for bomb shelter as the Armed Forces tested the alarm system. We feel perfectly safe, in fact such a degree of safety – such a long time that we no longer have sympathy for others who do not feel safe, but such a degree of unsafe they have ceased to believe they will survive the days .

Now TV channels debate to find out how to strengthen the Globalization and brotherhood sense. It is ironic that the intervention that would functions best in regards the increasing xenophobia, hatred, vendetta and stigma – is to put down Western – the propaganda-heavy news distributors

The IOF is so indoctrinated with these messages, that they actually KILL their own JEWISH society members because they LOOK Arab

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