The Intifada … Calls For Quick Cultivation and the Final Aims

The eruption of the current “intifada” and its pace of its spread with its tenacious and willful youths, has shocked the in particular the Zionist intelligence apparatus, which failed repeatedly to predict what could happen on the occupied territories.


At the launch of every intifada, uprising or revolution, anticipations and “gambling” spread over its durability and the ability of the masses to endure its “burdens” and the high prices of sacrifice that might be resulted. Also the auction of bombastic orators and opportunists opens, those who master the climbing of the sculls of others and dancing on the martyrs blood and the moans of injured. You would hear those who would ask the uprising youths to liberate Jaffa, Haifa and Acre while he’s sunk deep in normalization with the Zionists. You might listen to and “great” leaders demanding the youths to liberate Palestine why they are enjoying the luxury of Oslo Accord with its privileges and Zionist granted VIP cards.

It is already well-known that the Palestinian people suffer a persistent “leadership” crisis which is unable to invest the sacrifice of the masses since the beginning of our struggle, which extends as far as the early 1930s, that the ability and will of the masses to sacrifice for freedom goes vainly through the leadership hastiness to “cultivate the fruit” or its “mismanagement” or its failure to “manage” the struggle, or running to ends that don’t cope with the sacrifice in order to achieve pure personal gains and privileges.


Since the first two weeks of the current intifada, everybody started “running and drooling” to cultivate the “outcome”. The “chats” in the political saloons in general are hasty to cultivate even though it is too early to talk of that SPECIALLY that the aims to be achieved is not clear yet other than the general strategic aim of “sweeping” the occupation and the establishment of the State of Palestine with Jerusalem its capital and the return of the refugees… etc.

The talks of copying the first intifada as some mumble is more absurd than realistic, as the conditions and facts on the ground have changed since the first intifada, and this is because of the Oslo Accord “luxuries”. The clashes nowadays happen in restricted points of contact between the Zionist occupiers and the Palestinians, while in the first intifada the confrontations points between the Zionist occupation forces and the Palestinian were in every single street and corner in the occupied territories round the clock.

In addition, what perplexes and horrifies the gangs of Telaviv from the current intifada is what is going on in Jerusalem and in the streets of the Zionist cities, but not what is going on in the confrontation points away from the Zionist “inner front”, specially that the Zionist strategy based on waging wars away from its “inner front”, and accordingly, the Zionists exert all efforts to keep the confrontations restricted within the West Bank away from Jerusalem and the “inside”.

This facts point out that the priority of the Zionist occupation is to secure the “inner” cities like Jerusalem and Telaviv, in addition to securing the colonies and settlers in the West Bank. Accordingly, the Zionist occupation forces deliberately use the utmost force in the confrontation points and checkpoints which is actually away from the Zionist “citizen” and the settlers. This is to keep the youths busy there diverting their struggle away from Jerusalem and the Zionist “inner” existence in Palestine. The Zionist occupation forces are not much bothered by such confrontation and wouldn’t be bothered if it last in such places for another 100 years, simply because it doesn’t hurt as much as stabbing a Zionist settler in the “inner” colonies.

In conclusion, the intifada youths in the streets need a real back from everybody before jumping to unattainable “cultivating” ends that would lead to aborting the intifada SPECIALLY it hasn’t turned into a comprehensive popular uprising yet. The current intifada is still restricted to a specific age range of youths, and hence it needs to be developed into a comprehensive uprising and this demands a declared and unequivocal stance from the political leadership and the Palestinian parties, and to take steps on the ground to strengthen the Intifada shared by the collective masses of the Palestinians but not only a restricted youths uprising.

Rashid Shahin

Translated by: Sami, the bedouin 

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