JOIN THE CAMPAIGN #UN2oPts Oct. 28 – 02.2015

An event hosted by Citizen World News Report ~ B-Aware & Palestine Momentum


This campaign is designed to promote the petitions initiated by Stephen Brackens-Brinkley to the UN Secretary-General and President Obama to urge them to send a UN protection Force to the occupied Palestinian territories. We need as many people as possible to sign the petitions and help them share, before Dec 2nd. Please join us in making sure they hear our message loud and clear.

You can find both petitions here


Please! Also join the CWN Social Media Team!

We need you to convince others to sign, to get them to join this campaign, to get them to tweet, share, mail, send letters, etc. We will provide tweets, instructions, reasons why people should sign, ways of how people can start their own campaign, to invite your friends, etc. We will be campaigning for five weeks, because the deadline for the petitions is on Dec 2nd. Every Wednesday and Sunday we will have Storms with different themes, depending on current events, the first one will be Sunday November 1st!

If you want to keep campaigning for justice.


Thank you so much for your awareness and desire to devote time for the Palestinian struggle for land and liberty


CNW social Media Team ~ B-Aware & Palestine Momentum


One thought on “JOIN THE CAMPAIGN #UN2oPts Oct. 28 – 02.2015

  1. “Human rights violations in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, are both cause and consequence of the military occupation and ongoing violence, in a bitter cyclical process with wider implications for peace and security in the region,” said Flavia Pansieri, the UN’s Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights.


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