Palestine SAILS in a bloody RIVER of REALITY!! Response to Benny Avni

I told my self I wouldn’t do much of this, but sometimes i just can’t let it pass!

This is a WARMBLOODED execution of Benny Avni’s opinion! Published in the New York Post Oct. 15. 2015

The bloody Palestinian war on reality

It’s not a rare thing.. Zionists accusing the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas of lying, it’s not a rare thing that they try to wipe the sheets clean when a child is murdered either. It doesn’t matter if the child is calle Mohammed Abu Khader, Ali Dawasha or Ahmed Mansara. The killers always seem to be excused with you oPt supporters.

The issue of Tempel Mount being the holiest place for Jews, I’m not even gonna bother with. Temple Mount is drowning in innocent blood, and sin there’s nothing holy about it. Just a bunch of skeletons in the closets, and some of the skeletons are the 2000 hands-on murdered children, that Israel has committed the last 15 years. Hands-on meaning direct cause of death. I don’t see that they have added children killed during childbirth because of blockade, or lack of medical services. What about the children who dies in prison because of infections, torture or the ones committing suicide after being raped or seeing his father killed in front of him? I don’t think these numbers are added, do you?

You don't understand that Palestinian youth wants to carry a knife??
You don’t understand that Palestinian youth wants to carry a knife??

⊂ And it’s very nice of you to show that picture of Ahmed in the hospital bed, he looks better then the last time i saw him! Just one little thing you didn’t add to this… he was arrested! Handcuffed to a bed fed while bleeding!

⊄Israel have this thing, where they don’t call the parents if they kidnap Palestinian kids, It can be day before they see their children – or get notice from the military camps about the arrest. Why wouldn’t this happen now when Ahmed was arrested? How can you be sure Abbas knew he was alive?

⊂ What did Abbas mean when he used the word “Execution”?

definition 1. “the carrying out of a sentence of death on a condemned person”

I’m wondering.. If someone stabs a person, starts filming while shouting “Die you son of a bitch”! Does that person KNOW that that child is gonna survive? Isn’t that condemnation? Isn’t it carrying out a death sentence, that in the end fails?

Definition 2. “the killing of someone as a political act”

If ha hospital leaves a kid with stab-wounds bleeding for days, handcuffed to the bed.. and a person comes in as a service to PM Netanyahu, with pure aim to hurt President Abbas. Isn’t that the political execution??

Tell me Mr Avni! Who’s bloody reality are we talking about????

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