They look tired now.. lean on us.. talk to us.. cry to us!

Norway…. time after time number 1 on the UN list, not that COMPASSION is a part of that equation. We reach highest on everything BUT the EDUCATIONAL sector. In this house 3 people living on 250 sq. meters. We vote on our unsocial political parties. Because we find it more fun keeping leftover for our selves. I think they want their child to have a hot meal at school once a day, while yours will have non.

He’s wearing a face that show  PHYSICAL evidence of a wounded mind. He looks like a mix  between the black rubber on the tires they burn, and a little child in the cradle. When has this man EVER FELT SAFE?? 

No… no no no this has to stop! Stop protecting me! The “speak-to-me-if-you-feel-like-strategy” wont do it anymore! TALK TO ME!!

Today, my body was a TV’d massacre. Today, my body was a TV’d massacre that had to fit into sound-bites and word limits. 

He looks desperate as he sees no way out of this

Palestinians LIVE this, and it’s the gift the world gave us and then closed the curtains. They gave themselves the right to steal our EVERYTHING and leave us with nothing.

I don’t know this life I know luxury, even as the lower middle class in Norway, I’ve experienced pain, but I need to find the ventilator first! How can I help you get a break from this???

The worst thing is guys that can’t say things say it straight forward, they have this “protect-the-female-instinct” …. AH!! the worst thing that can happen to me tonight is that I fall of the couch!

“We never escape occupation,” he says “I am a man! I am a husband!! I am a father!!! If any thing happens to one of my children… ah!”

…Red eyes!! Is he crying?? Do Arab men cry?? Scandinavian men just started crying in front of the  girls in the 90. Is the no crying thing a Arab culture thing too?? No it’s probably just irritation after tear gas

I wish they would cry.....
I wish they would cry…..

It’s quite simple really –  He, as an Arab has special rules. special rules that will result in “special” treatment, in “special” prison, but he doesn’t know when – because they haven’t told us the rules. he just has to guess…. and hope it’s the right thing to do. And the occupation secured their right to able to do it as long as possible.. As long as Palestinians don’t have any land they don’t have any law that ABSOLUTELY NEED TO BE FOLLOWED.

“Do you know the I never think about coming home again when I go for work in the morning?? Never ever ever! I would rather it be a nice surprise for me when the day is over!” He smiles. “I’m not afraid of dying, that’s no issue. I’m just not sure WHEN they’re gonna get me”

See?? That’s what I’m saying  Palestinians are the…. strongest…… wait oh! That means that every morning he’s saying goodbye to his kids for the last time, kissing his wife good night for the last time every night one of them migt be gone the next day, right?


The doctrine in the occupational society is so strong, in a way on both sides. Both his enemy and his friends. But the occupational population. They don’t even see anything wrong with burning a baby alive! They get released from prison after a week.

The dominance of the ARMED military in the streets, it gives an easy legal target, but… I mean” he thinks for a while… ” me I use my words too.. I speak to you, to the media, social media….”

THEN DON’T TALK TO THE MEDIA, I thought.. SHHHH HUSJH!! SELFISH! I need to pull my self every time I talk with my friends, bevuase I realize I have the same thoughts..

He’s gone… I wounder if!? No he’s okay!


Screaming his lungs out like a horror story and washing the fake hero turn away instead of rescuing you. They wanna have a bit more fun with him first,,, make him suffer

This Interfada… this LIFE!must do CRAZY THINGS with his head, it must be more bruised then a body after you’ve  been beaten!

I’ll be your be your voice, your support support and I’ll be your shield…   Just yell!

4 thoughts on “They look tired now.. lean on us.. talk to us.. cry to us!

  1. I just like the helpful information you supply for your articles.
    I will bookmark your blog and take a look at once more here frequently.

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    1. We are 200% supporters of humanity in this blog 🙂 From the Palestinian people to the western society to educate.

      And “taboo research” of the western society to find a way to free Palestine and push EVERYONE that has made it possible to go this far


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