September 22.-30. 2015: The bloody moon – We take the hint!!

Mr. President Mahmoud Abbas, don’t look behind, you are in the right track

They will not stop attacking you, barking at you, insulting you, but that’s them, those who are not able to make any real contribution to our just cause and people..

The day was an historic day, in more ways then you can imagine
The day was an historic day, in more ways then you can imagine

Mr. President Mahmoud Abbas clearly declared today during his speech in the United Nations that Palestinians will not comment anymore to signed agreements with Zionist occupation entity. The zionist leaders have violated all the signed agreements since we started agreeing!!!

Abbas also saw the Palestinian flag high and mighty in front of the United Nations Headquarters for the first time.

The attacks on the mosque has been going on a while. We will protect Al-Aqsa. if we die in the process doing so

Since the Oslo Accords was signed nothing but accord violations has been policy for the Zionist leaders! Don’t you support us for our faith and our will to protect the mosque????

NOOOOO!!!! Our faith is the only thing that’s guaranteed safe for a Palestinian!!

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But full of hope for better tomorrow

Maybe you should reflect on the fact that… if you happen to support support the thugs!!! Why did they split so many families apart??? Why did they steal the dignity from men who stems from a land that you stole? Why would they steal your face, your voice, your clothes – and say they are our friend – then stab us in the back.

Isn’t that just like the french in 1918????


the occupation has as since 1921 slowly  but for the people in Palestine – committed  HIGHLY NOTICEABLE  genocide!

We will never forget Hadeel Elhashlamoun & Deya’ Talahma the ZIONIST KILL September 22nd was HIGHLY NOTICEABLE

Rest in Peace

What you would be willing to do for the one thing that would you do?? If the people who stole your people’s EVERYTHING, started to attack the ONE thing that kept their head over water?

*Younes Arar*

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