October 01.- 04. 2015 WAS IT A CRIME RESISTING THE NAZIS TOO?????

I keep asking myself these questions, I find it incredibly weird that people ask me these questions!

LISTEN to the idiotic excuse about

we used to live here 3000 years ago.

You lie!!! And who is STUPID ENOUGH to fall for such an excuse??? 1918 is the final year the holiest of the holy books where changed and edited! There’s nothing holy about changing Gods word, even the one without a holy figure in her life knows that much!!! Talmud was made and written in New York? So that is the books Holy Land!! Talmud  belongs in New York! And YOU I hope to see all lawbreaking Zionists in  JAIL some day!!!!

The funny thing is! If a person walks down the street with a kofiah people passing  will associate it with theNON-EXISTING Palestine”. More people know what the Palestinian flag looks like then what the Moroccan flag looks like!!


stone for the masses
We resist occupation, and defend our children’s future  because both us and the world  recognize  PALESTINE! 

See that picture??? That is a picture of the Arab Palestinians, who is sick of being subjects of different degrees of assault!They show that even when they put themselves in harms way, they have your back! Giving life to help another Palestinian escape death.

This is how the world will remember us!They will remember Palestinian medical personal will be remembered running after the patient over uneven ground  in the middle of battle-zones – to HELP us!

        We fight for our lives so that we can die with dignity! You might take away our identity on paper, but it only grows stronger in our hearts!  

This identity isn’t only growing stronger with us!

Not just in our hearts, but with the rest of the world too!!

Palestinian flag in Norwegian hurricane
Palestinian flag in Scandinavian hurricane!

Terrorist Zionist occupation colonies 

The western leaders (NOT the HUMANITY) comes trotting on their high horse – with a index finger pointing at us, asking “what do you do to prevent developing extremism and terror?” !!!!??? Are they  INSANE???? Can you HONESTLY admit that you think the Zionists are the victims here??

They are like f*ing vermin!!! Termite Ants coming in flock demolishing our homes, and spraying acid if we object to it!Or mosquitoes sucking the money out of innocent American tax payers, even the aid we are getting is sucked up!!!!! Why?????

Look how the hyena go hunting in flock, or the slugs gather up in the middle of  the road, not letting us out!!!!

<em><span style=
We have been fighting extremism for over 60 YEARS!!!!!!!!

NO! It shouldn’t even be necessary to inform people of this, but now I think we need to! We FIGHT extremism!!!!! Every day YOU develop it and you KEEP IT ALIVE!!! WHY?????? 

Keep your head up, you are a Palestinian, Do not bend, bow, no matter how necessary it may be, you may not have the chance to raise your head ever again,
Keep your head up, you are a Palestinian,Do not bend, bow, no matter how necessary it may be!

The irony of it all is as long as the Pest keep kicking us to the ground,  the VICTORY is PALESTINE’S

HUMANITY will ALWAYS see photos like these and think PALESTINE!

And if you would succeed in your cleansing and we only exist in pictures???


When YOU raise YOUR“flag” belonging to you “nation”

HUMANITY will only think of the man in the kofiah and the flag he would hold in his hand!


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