Do you promise to tell the truth ~ the whole truth….

 …about the Babylonian Talmud, Conrad!

Nå var du langt ute på vidda nå, Conrad
Leader for MIFF (With Israel for Peace) Should respond!

Wednesday 14.10.2015 and MIFF’s Wednesday monologue is about to make me snore. But all of a sudden he starts some sort of bull about a journalist lying. I’m gonna do the exact opposite of what he says. I’m gonna look through my sources and see what he says

The Zionists & Palestinian

“The Talmud was the embodiment of the spirit  of the people recording their words and thoughts ~ Its hops and aims” …. and it continues ” Religion, Ethics, Education, Law, History, Geography, Medicine and mathematics” ……”We live over again the lives in the characters”

Ask yourself what you THINK they would rather do!
Start by asking  yourself what you THINK they would rather do!

Your Talmud was rewritten (1918) and “re-manipulated” towards reaching the goal of “winning” Israel. PALESTINIANS ARE ALLOWED TO HATE YOU, YOU STOLE THEIR LAND!! You on the other hand are not allowed to have issued 1500 military restrictions in the West Banks an 1400 in Gaza. Did you know that “if you pour a cup of to a member of the association occupation will see you as a person who supports terror”`! You’re the leader MIFF, of course you do.

“The attacks on the Talmud have not been made by the enemies of the Jews alone. Large numbers of Jews themselves repudiate it, denying that they are Talmud Jews, or that they have any sympathy with it. Yet there are only the few Karaites in Russia and Austria, (Already in 1918, guys) …. and the still fewer Samaritans in Palestine, who are really not Talmud Jews. Radical and Reform, Conservative and Orthodox, not only find their exact counterparts in the Talmud, but also follow in many important particulars the practices instituted through the Talmud, e.g., New Year’s Day, Pentecost (so far as its date and significance are concerned), the QADDISH, etc. The modern Jew is the product of the Talmud”


So If you end up “…Amidst many bitter enemies and weak friends because you claim the book have suffered a martyr death the introduction of the book. I think you know the rest.

p. xii

“We feel that every attack on it is an attack upon the Jew. We feel that defense by the mere citation of phrases is useless and at the best weak. To answer the attacks made upon it through ludicrous and garbled quotations were idle. There is only one defense that can be made in behalf of the Talmud. Let it plead its own cause in a modern language”


Resistance front
Islamic Jihadist training camp, August 13, 2008 undisclosed location, Southern Gaza Strip

You claim that Palestine’s constitution is pointing out that Jews and the Hoodlums are the most evil  warriors the world has ever seen.

Lest me just start by saying


p. xiv

“We continue our labors in the full and certain hope that “he who comes to purify receives divine help,” and that in our task of removing the additions made by the enemies of the Talmud we  shall be purifying it from the most fruitful source of the attacks made on it, and thereunto we hope for the help of Heaven. As we have already said, we feel that this work will not be received everywhere with equal favor. We could not expect that it would. Jewish works of importance have most usually”

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