It’s a “Stab in the Back” not to be an aware consumer?!

I’m convinced that the materialism is what they call the “brainwashing” method used to shape the west. When the audiences  go ballistic over a free CD- giveaway in American Talk-shows?? I almost get embarrassed! Me?  I can’t buy tickets to see the “talk shows”,  because I boycott of  Israel.
 I wanna tell you a secret!

 No matter where you stand in the Middle Eastern issue… If you want to open your mouth against the Syrian refugees or Palestinians being with blaming their struggle on anyone,  you better start using the   Buycott-app ASAP!

The Buycott app

We buy eggs from chicks that’s free-ranged because we CARE ABOUT animal welfare. Russia is under financial sanctions inflicted by our governments because of their offensive against Ukraine  – Israel is not under sanctions, and they’ve been doing worse crimes for 60 years!

A PURE Israel-POLICY-sanction!

The sanctioning is because of the human rights violations ISRAEL has broken during the invasion of Palestine. UN broke Arab laws and have been ignoring the population in 1921 (NOT 1940). Human rights activists are generally against human right violations. Unethical companies usually lack a work policy to such levels that rights violations . For example slavery, trafficking and child labor.

Lacking ethics – limitless forms of abuse 

Pepsico has 25 champagnes against them, from Chinese products , to labor, to save the whales. so I boycott them even if it's not on MY list
 25 champagnes – “Chinese products” , “Say no to GMO”, to “Save the whales”. 

 H&M has been exposed for using child labor in India.  H&M are financial contributor in Israel! Pepsico isn’t on the BDS-list but the 25 campaigns is not my campaigns –  BUT I boycott them anyway. My awareness of the market controls IT, not the other way around!

Unethical isn't it?
Unethical isn’t it?

HUMAN RIGHTS is ignored

Water isn’t considered a public- nor a human right in the company, Nestle? This is their validation of their unethical policy. Nestle has ruined large water supplies in many underdeveloped countries. – and their contributing to Israel’s power of abuse.

In India suicide rates are high with farmers. Reason? Coca Cola damage their agriculture and crops. Being poor already and then seeing the biggest giant on the market ruin their livelihood cause depression. Their fabrics also damage agriculture. That means biological damage and health damage due to toxins. – and they are FINANCIALLY committed to ISRAEL.

 Who wants to pay for this? 

Society today:  A divided society is a consequence of our selfish, materialistic ideology. When you see war on TV you can mumble “Oh! How sad” at the TV before they switch to the next channel. It’s not rare that after I post pictures of dead bodies the words “I don’t think this belongs on Facebook” appear.  These most of the time unfriend me or in a worst case scenario they block me (Not my type of people anyway)

I hope with all my heart that more people join!

The Israeli government notice this action, and don’t hide the fact that they want the action sanctioned. At the same time we hear Netanyahu warn the world, after the sanctions on Iran was lifted. So the rules are clearly a blur for him.


The secret is coming now

What if your IGNORANCE and ARROGANCE  caused the refugee crises, can we know that for sure? Do you like what you’re witnessing to today – feel good when you drink that coffee?

By consuming products from companies that finance occupations and wars, it doesn’t seem unlikely that your money is a bullet in a body. You and billion of others ignoring the unethical companies, allows them to continue.

When you see the sanction works

When you pay for a “Bloodstream-soda”,  one Palestinian labors is stuck making it. He’s working under a non existing labor law. They are modern day SLAVES. All people SHOULD resist inhumane treatment. The resistance increases and confrontations between the regime’s army  and resistance homemade, and hopefully functional rockets is inevitable. Thousands will die every time this happens. You will say “What?! What is wrong with the world!?” and get really angry at the leaders of the world. The hypocrisy (I hate hypocrisy) enter when, you go to the kitchen and “stream” yourself a “Coke“.

Sodastream team is strategic,. Offering a job to 1000 refugees is a nice move, but expose that “workers rights” is totally  a missing term

. But it also shows that the boycott is working! Start acting humane. It’s like the Arabs shift skin and becomes IDF soldiers – luring the bait in the trap. I don’t wan’t a ww3 to start, but the chances are truly there. “The Stab in the Back”, after ww1 and the consequences and the farce where extreme. Understandably these feelings are developing in Palestine too… Who blame them? The world have TOTALLY been stabbed in their backs for 60 years!

on the Buycott app

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