Childhood broken – Zionist rule unspoken

Palestinian children are forced into becoming men very much before their time.

This Palestinian little child is supposed to live and enjoy his age.

A child is supposed to be busy with his toys ~ not throwing a stones!

But this is part of our minute to minute life.

Living in refugee camps in our own land, terrorizing citizens, killing people, storming houses day and night.

Zionists are shooting live ammunition, tear gas, stun grenades, skunk water.


The Zionists don’t care if the persons they are kidnapping is someone’s sons, brothers, sisters, parents.

Stealing land, uprooting trees

They don’t care if a 5 year old has his bedroom in the house they are demolishing.


What else would you expect from such child seeing this happening in front of him all the time???

Reactions to burning children to death? Why no actions?

They have no age-limit when forced to face Zionist occupation forces – raiding our neighborhoods, villages, towns.

The Palestinian child steps up, where the rest of the world fails!

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