Break free !!

By Ahmed Jenin 

Go out to the world and say,

Is there any inevitable estimator? !!

And in front of the world eyes unleash outburst your anger !!

Break free !!

There is no more expensive than your dignity, to lose !!

Make your roots strong remaining in the land, like the trees !!

And be a solid in the unjust face , like a stones !!

Break free !!

Oh who you call yourselves ,a humans !!

After the hot summer ,the rains comes !!

And the black nights ,lights up by moon lights!!

Break free !! Break free !! Break free !!


And Say No and a thousand times no,

you who caused oppression for us!!

Break free !!

Be yourself, and to your roots don’t be disguised !!

Break free !!

And if circumstances forced you

be like the people who by their hands their graves they dug. .

Don’t be like who they said yes to evils !!


And don’t forgive for a person who on his people,

been unjust and supercilious!!

Today you’re here, don’t waste your time on the past bemoans!!

And don’t wait for a help from anyone …

They all left and they didn’t leave any traces !!

Break free !!

And don’t blame the predestination about your misfortunes!!

The pure water hides the muddiness.

Break free !!


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