Call for Conference- “United In Defense of Beit El Baraka”

Call for Conference
United In Defense of Beit El Baraka
On behalf of organizers Coordinator General of the Conference: Younes Arar

The South West Bank Popular Resistance Committees in partnership with the Baraka Presbyterian Church in Palestine present their compliments and wish to extend an invitation to you to attend the Conference on “Beit El Baraka Defense Conference” to be held in Beit Ommar Town, North Hebron in Palestine, 3 October 2015 at 10:30 am- 13:30.

The Conference will bring together all sectors of the Palestinian society,Israeli and International NGOs and activists, officials, Political parties leaders. The Conference will cover the following topics: the importance of Beit El Baraka, The Israeli occupation military procedures and colonial plans in the area, legal Aid, The Palestinian Political efforts in regard to Beit El Baraka, Outreach and Media, Nonviolent popular Resistance Plans in the area, and how to protect and save Palestinian land surrounding Beit El Baraka from Israeli colonial plans?????.

Note: Interpretation Simultaneous is available


About Beit El Baraka
Since 1948 Beit El Baraka was found as Hospital and a Christian church and center after the first war and the start of Israeli occupation the hospital was closed and it continue as a Christian and conference center.
The mission board in the USA with illegal act from them they sold it for Israeli . Now the Presbyterian church in Palestine working very hard to take it back and to use it as Christian center for the Palestinian people..
A Swedish company established in 2007 had been used to cover up the sale and transfer of Beit Elbaraka in 2012 to a settler organization funded by American millionaire Irving Moskowitz.
A pastor who headed the church that previously owned the compound, Keith Coleman, said according to Haaretz: “he thought it had been sold to a Swedish company called Scandinavian Seamen Holy Land Enterprises in March 2008 that would revive its use as a church”. However the Swedish group was established in Stockholm in 2007, and seems to have been used as a cover for transferring the ownership of the compound to the settlers.
The company was then dissolved, with ownership handed over to an American nonprofit organization, American Friends of the Everest Foundation,funded by Irving Moskowitz and working towards the eventual “Judaization” of occupied East Jerusalem.

Contact Details of the organizers:
Younes Arar: 00970 599965272, Rev Danny Awad: +972598901662, Yousef Abu Maria: +972 598139591, Hasan Bregieh: +972 599347072; ,,
South West Bank Popular Committees
High follow up Popular Resistance Commission
Palestinian Presbyterian Church
Beit Ommar Municipality

Pic taken in front of Beit Al Baraka during one of our protests

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