Danish policeman playing “Pick-a-hand” with Syrian girl

I just want to share a couple of HAPPY PICTURES from the refugees that has reached Denmark!

Finally an employee  for the authorities ~ that she doesn’t have to flee from!

When walking along the freeway with a group of Syrian refugees, the danish policeman entertained the child. She seems to enjoy the company, it might be a good strategy… this “compassionate-fellow-human-being” thing


When it think of how stigmatizing Denmark is, this is looking promising. These are some of the refugees that might be traveling to the my district or further north in Norway! In my town we have started planning where we’re gonna deliver clothes and toys.


A long journey is luckily not meat with insensitivity, inhumanity and violence all over the world 

2 thoughts on “Danish policeman playing “Pick-a-hand” with Syrian girl

  1. The most inspiring part of the emigration to Europe was the way the people rose up and prevented their governments from opposing it. When “statesmen” wanted to put up walls, their own people demanded that the refugees be given passage and help to settle. As Mazin Qumsiyeh tells us, “Stay human!”


    1. Amazing! That shows how much power we actually have! Can you imagine the Syrians/Palestinians have been living like this in some form or way since before the Ottoman!?

      I mean I’ve known, but I haven’t KNOWN..


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