Stop dividing Palestine ~ It’s #FreePalestine ~ not just #FreeGaza

Please, you got to understand!

I have seen a lot of websites, Facebook pages and many other social media sites called “Free Gaza”, or “together for Gaza” or other names of such meaning and message. Some admins of such sites don’t know whats really happening. They just want to help and want justice to be achieved, others know exactly whats happening and they mean what they are doing and these are what we call the ziosoft activists who knowingly working on dividing the Palestinian people.

It’s Gaza is not occupied Palestine, its part of occupied Palestine, its about 360 square kilometers. But it’s the whole Palestinian land occupied in 1967 is 5860 square kilometers, that 21% of Historic Palestine (27000 Square kilometers). You mean to help Palestinians but by showing support to all Palestinians and their cause not just to part of Palestinians.

It is Gaza (the most destructed and targeted by the zionists) and not the whole of Palestine. When talking of Gaza one SHOULD know the following fact: over 73% of the people living in Gaza are not originally from gaza, they are registered refugees who had been ethnically cleansed from Palestine occupied in 1948, from their homes in “Tel Aviv”, Jaffa, Lod, Ramle, Ashdod, Ashkilon and the rest of the razed Palestinian towns and villages occupied by the zionists.

Some countries including the so called “Israel”, organizations and even political parties want to make the world understand that its all about Gaza and only Gaza is the problem, and when the “problem” of Gaza is solved then the whole issue would be solved. Many people and activists think that there will be no more need to talk about Palestinian cause because it will be solved once Gaza is recognized as a “state”.


By doing this, the  Zionist will feel free to seize all the occupied West Bank, displace the Palestinians to their “Deformed State”. Such countries including the US, “Israel”, some EU countries, Qatar, Turkey (am talking about regimes pushing for that not people who dont know hidden agendas), some international NGOs among other political movements (Muslim Brotherhood) are trying to do the maximum they can to reinforce such understanding, to make you think that its all about Gaza, but its not.

Its about occupied Palestine, Gaza is just a tiny part of Palestine, its even smaller than Hebron district. We love Gaza, we love every centimeter of occupied Palestine, but mainly its Palestine, stand with all occupied Palestine and Palestinians not just part of them……

By the way, this is exactly what Tony Blair is trying to achieve by negotiating with Hamas.

Thank you and wish you all a great beautiful day

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