Why there’s no peace in Palestine?!

This is why!!

Two Palestinian women were attacked on a train in Jerusalem by Israeli settlers. Here are some of the comments on Facebook (The rest of the screen-dumps on this blog is messages if reserved for supporting them)


Eli Peretz:Maybe she needed to have her a** knocked up and then had boiling oil poured on it to eliminate this unnecessary sl*t. D*ath to Arabs.”

Israel Cohen:Khaled pollution… I f*ck you at checkpoints… and believe me Arabic sl*ts […] at the checkpoint I will tie your hands while you cry and beg and I won’t do anything.”

Shaul Naftaliev:It’s a shame the eye is still in place.”

Orel Binihasviti: I wish she’d die… (daughter of a) wh*re.”

Shlomi Amita “It’s a shame they didn’t s*domise you.”y:

Ruhama Cohen Cohen:Next time they will leave you in a coma.”

Mor Mimony:Why didn’t they k*ll her?”

Vered Cohen:She deserved it! So do all Arabs who dare to say a word out of place!!!! And so do all Arabs who dare to open their mouths and look at Jews. Hopefully they will all d*e!!!!

After reading this if u still think that Israelis are not racists then main stream media has rotted your brain and power of reasoning

When i published this the only word the Zionists reacted to was “cunt”
Zionist troll thinks he can go undercover by calling himself
Zionist troll thinks he can go undercover by calling himself “Mohammad”

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