Occupation is the ultimate terrorism,

Welcome to the biggest prison on earth!

It imprisons about 3 millions Palestinian citizens.

 With an average of 9 meters high, and 732 kilometers long (final), 482 kilometers has already been constructed,

The Zionist concrete creates the occupation apartheid walls

Most of the Palestinian localities are surrounded, split up or isolated from each others, that includes a lot of Palestinian families who are as well isolated from each other and part of it is imprisoned within the snaky wall, the other part of the family is prohibited using its own land property within the encircling wall.

isolated from educational
isolated from educational


economic services and facilities
economic services and facilities

 in addition agricultural land has been annexed behind the wall.

Some Palestinian localities are 100% isolated…

…and can only be reached through very well guarded tunnel or a VERY well guarded gate

Living in separate Islands…

Welcome to occupied and bereaved Palestine

6 September 2015.

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