Rewind to protest by The House of Blessings 08.29.2015

During last Saturday protest organized by South West Bank Popular Committees. Located in front of the endangered Beit Elbarakah compound (House of Blessing).

The compound was used as hospital serving the Palestinian local communities until 1983

Beit Elbarakah compound is a property of the Palestinian Christian endowment. Since 1983 it was used for Church religious and social activities. The property was taken over at gunpoint by Zionist Israeli occupation colonists and forces

….contrary to international and God laws….

We protest there on weekly basis to confirm the Palestinian Identity of this property and all Palestinian land. The protesters called all international banks to DIVEST from Israeli occupation banks.

A Mass was held by Palestinian priests headed by Father George Awad and Archbishop Atallah.

Involved in Colonial activities in the Palestinian land occupied in 1967, they also chanted for freedom, justice, humanity, and raised Palestinian flags and signs demanding to boycott Israeli occupation and to put an end to Israeli occupation and the illegal colonization of Palestinian land. 10s of heavily armed Zionist occupation forces prevented us at gunpoint from reaching the compound, 15 August 2015.

11973448_10154199535780760_38217679_o (1)
A Palestinian is a Palestinian because of ethnic origin, not religious believes

Accrding to Haaretz’s investigation a Swedish company established in 2007 had been used to cover up the sale and transfer of Beit Elbaraka in 2012 to a settler organization funded by American millionaire Irving Moskowitz.

A pastor who headed the church that previously owned the compound, Keith Coleman, told Haaretz “he thought it had been sold to a Swedish company called Scandinavian Seamen Holy Land Enterprises in March 2008 that would revive its use as a church”. Haaretz discovered however that, “the Swedish group was established in Stockholm in 2007, and seems to have been used as a cover for transferring the ownership of the compound to the settlers.

The 38-dunum (9.3 acre) compound, known as Beit Elaraka, is located to the north of Beit Ommar town, to the north Hebron district.
The Swedish company registered the purchase with the Israeli Civil Administration in 2012.

The company was then dissolved, with ownership handed over to an American nonprofit organization, American Friends of the Everest Foundation,funded by Irving Moskowitz and working towards the eventual “Judaization” of occupied East Jerusalem.

We will continue to stand againt Zionist theft of The Palestinians Blessed House

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