The Israeli occupation apartheid wall WILL fall

Yesterday noon a non violent demonstration was organized. The demonstrators was going  to march towards the endangered land of Beir Ona neighborhood in Beit Jala town.

This is a Christian Palestinian town near Bethlehem that also have their protests against the Israeli occupation.

The intended plan to construct a section of the illegal apartheid wall on the Beit Jala farmers land. During the past few weeks Israeli occupation forces started to uproot the Palestinian aged olive trees (an average of 300 years old) in that area and leveling the land to prepare for the wall construction.

We were chanting our slogans for freedom, justice and dignity

While we were marching towards that area raising Palestinian flags,  calling to dismantle the apartheid wall and to put an end to Israeli occupation.

The peaceful protesters suffers from tear gas suffocation

But tear gas canisters and stun grenades were shot at us by the Israeli occupation forces. Many protesters and those living in the neighborhood.

In addition to kidnapping two protesters.

Tawfiq Afana

And myself

Younes Arar

we were taken to

Gush Ezion police station

My lawyer succeeded to bail me out ($250)  and they kept the other guy.

after 7 hours of imprisonment
No matter what part you have in these demonstrations you won’t be handed a free card

The Israeli occupation Supreme Court has made a decision preventing the construction of the apartheid wall in this area.

I promise you! As long as my feet can carry me! I will fight for Palestinians to be a part of human society

But the Israeli occupation government and forces refused to abide by their own court decision, the same way they disrespect the international, UN and International Security council Resolutions.

No matter how many times you try to take me down
No matter how many times you try to take me down

6 thoughts on “The Israeli occupation apartheid wall WILL fall

    1. Actually the Semite were first nomads, like the rest of the world, they lived in Philistine, Land of Jacob. And what was because the Torah says the Jews are to be stateless until the Messiah comes. But Semite cover dose who follow the Torah, and reject following the Talmudic verses that the Zionists do


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