Once Upon A Time in Palestine

A small simple Palestinian family, a father, mother, 4 year old child and 18 months old infant, were living in their simple small house in a simple small village.

trying to catch as many happy moment as possible

The father was going to work every day morning to make living for his family. Meanwhile his wife was waking up every morning to look after her children’s needs and wants, Do the house work and prepare food and wait for her beloved husband to come back from work. They always eat dinner together, they were happy and trying to live life as joyful as possible.

Thinking too much of tomorrow, thinking of ways to make a good life for their children, to get them best food, clothes, living, education as possible, they loved everyone in their area and they were loved by everyone,  for better life to make life, to live as normal as possible…

Working all the time for better tomorrow

One night as usual, the father and mother kissed their children and wished them a good night, and wished each other the same. And as every Palestinian family – hoping to wake up to a better tomorrow…

BUT… evil was there, watching them, counting their breaths, smiles, laughs, trying to find the best time to turn their life upside down! at 03:00 am a few Zionist terrorist a few Zionist savages attacked this peaceful family using Molotov Cocktails. Intending the to burn them alive, burn their dreams!

Their wishes and hopes, smiles and love. The possibilities… shouts, burned everything…

…few Zionist haters,… few Zionist thugs!

Dawabsheh Family from Duma village, south Nablus was burned Last Friday at dawn, Ali the infant burned to death same morning, his father, mother and Ahmed suffered deep burns covered 80% of their bodies…The father died today of his wounds, and the mother and other child are fighting to live….

And for you who think every fairy tale ends with a happily ever after… 
…This story happens often in occupied Palestine under Zionist Israeli occupation,

8 August 2015.

Younes Arar a Husband and Father

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