Dying in SILENCE

Lately I’ve been receiving messages from people claiming to be peace activists urging me not post things that could fuel hatred. They think that such posts wont help peace achieving in the area. They expect me to post and write about “the making of peace” without the need to make posts that reveal and expose Israel’s occupation and daily crimes against my people….

Don’t they already hate us in SILENCE?

So, to them my posts fuel hatred, telling the truth fuel hatred? Exposing Israeli occupation crimes fuel hatred, they want us to die in SILENCE? They want us to be killed, let them steal our land, demolish our houses in SILENCE? Should we let our people be imprisoned, our children burnt and slaughtered in SILENCE? Should we except our economy destroyed, our natural resources stolen and just take all these crimes in SILENCE? How would SILENCE help “peace making”?

My town Beit Ommar
My town Beit Ommar

So, while they are killing and destroying our life, I should only

“urge them to make peace!!!!!!”,

17 August 2015.

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