A message to the Zionist Israeli occupation,

I just wonder, what have you achieved so far from butchering 10’s of thousands of Palestinian lives.

Making more than 70000 people homeless only last year. Uprooting more than 15000 aged olive trees only last year, imprisoning more than 6000 citizens now (are in jails now).

From leveling whole cities to the ground

Imprisoning whole Palestinian localities and isolating them from each other by the apartheid wall and your illegal colonies, stealing more and more of our land on daily basis. 

Ongoing forced transfer and displacement

Kidnapping people at military checkpoints, erecting hundreds of military checkpoints throughout occupied West Bank and Jerusalem to restrict Palestinian citizen movement and their goods as well, starving us by destroying our economy, stealing our natural resources…

You have tried all forms of suppression

Torture, tyranny, oppression, war crimes, but did that all brought you any closer to your goals, did all these terrorist acts brought you security, did you succeed to force us out of our land, did you succeed to end us, did killing our children (540 last year only) stop us from claiming our rights.

Did we vanish, did you succeed

All those supporting you to make us submit and give up, did you succeed to convince the international community (am talking about people not regimes) that you are right and last but not least, dont you think that PEACE is the only way to live in PEACE???????????????????????

Killing us and destroying our towns, cities, uprooting our trees, imprisoning us, stealing our resources is not the answer and peace can only achieved by putting an…

...END to the OCCUPATION and the establishment of the independent Free Sovereign Palestinian State....
…END to the OCCUPATION and establishment of an independent Free Sovereign Palestinian State….

We will never give up our rights, we will never surrender and Resistance continues, 26 August 2015.

One thought on “A message to the Zionist Israeli occupation,

  1. You humanize the beast when you address it … the zionist inhumanity is integrated within their Talmudic ideology and you cant unplug it. In addition, there is no human occupier. If the “israeli” jews want to look humans they MUST take their laptops and leave Palestine to “the hell where they came from” if to quote Helen Thomas. What they have looted from Palestine is more than enough.


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