“Never Again”


They say that those that win always get to tell history from their own side often leaving out the rest of the story.  This happened in the time of the Aztecs when all history of them practically disappeared and continued on after WW2 was over.  No one has said the holocaust wasn’t a horrible and terrible part of recent history but the worst thing about it is it is being used to excuse a new group of atrocities.  Although the Palestinians had almost nothing to do with the holocaust since they were in the Middle East while the holocaust took place in Europe, they have been and still are paying the price.  One of the reasons is that the Israelis have taken a sick perverted ownership of the holocaust making it a symbol of Judaism.     Although Israel tries to tell the world that the holocaust is only the history of the Jews the truth is Germany used it to get rid of all its “undesirables”.  It was a tool of Eugenics to try to get rid of all that the Nazi society decided weren’t worthy and were drains on society.

Jews ,Gypsies, Gays and so many more were killed and put in camps by the Nazis.  It was not only Jews that suffered.  This Nazi society took it upon themselves to decide who should have the rights to enjoy life liberty and freedom.  You would think that a people that suffered so much would have a stronger set of empathy born from this, but instead it created a society that thrives on paranoia and hate.  Instead of trying to make German society pay for its past they have done what many psychologically damaged people do, they transferred their hate to people that have little power and can’t fight back.  The bullied have become the bullies and have their own eugenics program.  They are so lost in fear they can’t even see the corruption.  Their entire society has taken on a racism and bigotry that person by person is destroying their state from the inside.  On protecting their” So called Jewish State” they have lost everything “Jewish” about it.    Nothing explains this better than this article:


What it comes down to is yes the Holocaust should be a warning, but that warning is not only for Jew’s.   As much as Israel tries to convince the world that it is.   “Never Again” is for everyone.  This includes the Palestinians, who have taken the brunt of the life lesson.   It is time that the world wake to the sickness that has taken over Israeli society and stops them.   The number of Palestinian young people being killed during IDF rampages has gotten out of hand and it is only getting worse every week:


Instead of arresting and questioning like most normal democratic societies do the IDF is shooting first and asking questions later.  This is only causing more dead kids which is causing more anger and more resistance.  Israel is doing a great job breeding its own enemies in this vicious circle of attack and hate.   If the world doesn’t put their foot down the fate of the Palestinians in the holy land will be the next sad chapter in history.


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