Thoughts ~ Western’s “veiling” of that TRUE Arabian culture

We should stay above accepting as facts the words in lying propaganda, without checking these teachings out for ourselves with what the Scriptures themselves truly state.” (Jehovah’s Witnesses)

This is a quote from  “YAHSHUA – The True Name Of Our Savior And It’s Importance For Use”, and the reason I use this quote is that this is the core in this subject.

The first knowledge

I’ve created a  made a new “social system” on Facebook. From being a personal page where faith was no topic. Yes, I’ve always supported people of faith, and I’ve never been afraid to be a voice if it was a topic. Today my Facebook is a public page. Religion has a huge part in on my timeline, simply because it is a huge part of my friends identity.

I’m  Atheist Individualist and and I define it as  coexistence. No matter what religion, color, culture OR sexuality you identify yourself with, you will never see me judge a person, but an act. If you don’t harm anyone in order to feel “complete” living that way, but I’m not interested in  spreading a religious messages either, that’s against my atheist belief.

I don’t accept discrimination against anyone when their lifestyle. You will see my angry face if I see you judge a persons identity. Gay, straight , Hindu, Muslim, Shiaa or Sunni-

~ no discrimination of any form is allowed on my pages ~


The first time I realized how fundamentally wrong the “teachings” I’ve been exposed to when it comes to Islam,  was at the end of the attack on Gaza last year.

A friend who lives in Gaza said that “This is true jihad”. As I responded

No, we don’t need Jihad, this will end up in chaos!”

First my friend snapped, why would I say something like that!? And my response was as every Western person would have responded….

“It’s holy war!”

A long conversation ended with him removing himself from my contacts because he thought I was a Zionist. In one way he was right, but this is where the quote from Yahshua comes in.

 I’ve always been interested and made sure I kept myself updated by watching the news, and I have to admit I’ve been scared of ISIS and Taliban and so on too. But as a non-judgmental person my thoughts have been

if they want a holy war,  I guess we’ve with the harm we’ve caused the Middle East – made us deserve it

and never judged anyone based on their faith alone.

I want to “illustrate”

I googled “Jihad Dagbladet”  with my phone and took some screenshots (the biggest newspapers in Norway), ISIS, Putin, Arfan Bhatti (the self proclaimed jihadi-king of Norway), and of course Palestinian resistance.


These are the images I’ve been fed all my life, the bad guys are the ones who “battles  democracy” When fact is that the West use undemocratic methods, killing for democracy in various Arab nations.

When my friend from Gaza removed me from he’s contacts I stopped watching Norwegian I became a new type of news watcher, i watch to correct them. Now? I find the facts by asking the individuals that actually live in the Middle East and are individuals among the 2 billion practicing Muslims in the world.

I Hope you fight your battles “jihad-style” too         



These last weeks there’s been a lot of immigration debates in Norway, we have accept a low number of immigrants to our country. However after the tragedies with the boat-refugees, our political leaders got to an agreement. The increase of couple of hundred individuals a month and I could feel the the Right Wing’s PANIC!  Nothing good can come from this! We can hear the non-socialist’s side SCREAM, but they seem forget their own history in the heat of the debate.

Old Norse” is an example of the impact immigration has had on Norway in many ways, before the declaration of the Kalmar Union was signed, the Norwegian language was totally different from now. We had to  “shift” Old Norse to the Danish-Norwegian language ~ which today is majority “boksprog”.

The districts in Norway has retained parts of the Old Norse language in “nynorsk”, our second official written language, but this is another piece of Norwegian culture they want to discard. So when it comes to the Norwegian culture, the “if it suits me” mentality is right where it’s suppose

Why are Muslims so “bad”?

The most evil thing you can do in my mind, is create lies about child abuse or sexual abuse when the argument is aimed at someone who’s not able to defend them selves! It’s a good thing I’ve got people who actually KNOW what they’re talking about!

In this case I got this response to the accusation about Muhammed and he’s 9 year old wife…. I give you the TRUTH about your alleged Muhammed child abuse accusations .


The most used argument in Norway is Sharia laws, forced covertion to Islam and covering of all women and if you deny giving up your Christian faith, or another form of belief, it can result in execution.

I know different countries have different “dress-codes” when it comes to women, and I’ve always pointed at our own Virgin Mary at the alter in the church, or our nuns wear their “hijab” every day as well. But since I realized I have about 2000 experts in my “pocket” I can ask them!

I’m sick of answering these allegations after only one year

I can’t start to think how this is for my friends, they have done it for a lifetime. Yes, SOME Muslim women choose to wear a hijab, and most of the time it’s a decision made on their own. Sometimes men take make the decision over the woman’s head – and I’m against this as much as any western person (and MOST of my Muslim friends too!!)

When you lose your ability to blame the basic religion, you also lose the ability to blame 2 billion followers of that religion too.

“Hijab in the Quran has nothing to do with the Muslim Women Dress code!

Muslims will reject our Christian faith! Some of the arguments i hear are financial aims, “If you’re Christian in Palestine you still have to pay an amount to the mosques!”

“I totally agree”! There aren’t many things that’s irritated me more than the “church-taxes” in the Norwegian tax deductions.” Their response? “That tax is used to maintain Norwegian culture!”

So what about the other religions? Who has the highest will for damaging our churches? Muslims?!

NO! In Norway, Greven, a satanist worshiper ~  best known for his arson activities . I decided to follow arson in google and searched for “Arson churches Israel” first, and followed it up with  “Arson churches Gaza”.

Google images “Arson Gaza

It’s ironic how this turned out!

In Gaza the only result that came up was ~ the destruction’s inflicted on the churches it the terrirory, during attacks from Israel!

And when the google results of Israel comes up?  

Hundreds of pictures of charred walls, that had been set ablaze by Western immigrant.

Don’t the Jewish settlers want to hang on to 2015 years of religious history?

Why you ask?? 

You’re forgetting that Israel, even with their public ILLUSION  that they are a democratic country!

Israel is a “country”


And since everybody is “hunting down” bad stuff about Islam.

I’m “hunting down” the bad stuff from other religions!



The Talmud about the Christian followers

(A REMINDER!   I see grotesque quotes in every religion, including my own atheism, it’s how people use the ideology that means something to me)

The GREATEST double-standards

Mohammed’s wife 9 years old.” ~ “Women have NO rights in a Muslim society“. and if these arguments don’t fall, through the next in line is “child brides“.Did you know that…

“The husband is required to provide a home for the the bride and nafaqa, the financial means for procuring food and clothing. In addition a mahr, the dowry paid by the groom to the bride is the wife’s property alone, “making her an equal party to the marital contract” (Kholoussy, 2006, p. 250).

Kholoussy notes that:

Christian tradition in which a woman’s possessions automatically became the property of her husband, the Islamic mahr ensures that Muslim women are able to maintain their personal property and finances.5″

The first step in me showing you your double-standards, is by saying.. “The women in the West don’t have to be married to have sex!!”

(Link to the map under the picture)
The map shows the global statistic over young mothers (15-19 years)

Actually MUSLIM  countries and “sharia laws” ~ say it’s illegal to have sex outside of wedlock!

Could these MUSLIM countries have given their girls a higher sense of security?

“NOT being raped “!!?

Because, if we look at our own Western girls…

They have minimum ages for marriage in this area of the world too!!

It’s not illegal to have sex before marriage in the democratic part of the world! This makes it easier to start the “game” early…. it’s easy to keep it secret, DOUBLE STANDARDS?? Check!

In Norway, the sexual age of content is 16 years old whilst Algeria you must have reached 21, to get married.




2011 ~ 1114 Norwegian girls under 20 became mothers ~ 9 of the mothers was 15 years old

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