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#Remember #Gaza‬


@Tuesday 18 GMT



Tuesday 7/7 18.00 GMT!

Some words about why a twitter storm and how it works:

Our GOAL is to keep up the pressure and call for a change! A year has passed and that we commemorate, BUT Right NOW we also need to call for a LIFT of the siege of Gaza – it has lasted 8 years and effects every aspect of life. A twitter storm will Not liberate Palestine, BUT it can take the ongoing Israeli crimes to the Headlines if we succeed. Media is looking for TRENDS on twitter so we need to produce many tweets about the subject to reach our goal. This has been a very proficient tool to create attention about the Palestinian Hungerstrikers and it can be again if we do it the right way.


  1.  Tweet with us, help us break the silence about Israels Crimes, remember Gaza and of course call for a break of the siege
  2. Time for Action 18.00 GMT 20.00 Palestine time
  3.  The hashtag # you have to add to your tweets will be revealed at time for twitterstorm (better chance of trending)
  4. If You can join just a moment concentrate on the FIRST half.

  Some tips to get the hashtag “World-trending” (media looks at trends).

    5. Send AS MANY tweets in as short a time as possible.

    6.Tweet short messages with the hashtag, also for speeding up the tweeting process.

    7. Be ON TIME !! We need that massive explosion of tweets with that hashtag!

    8. If the hashtag hasn’t trended after an hour, you can still keep sending tweets about the subject, but it becomes highly           unlikely that it will still be able to cause a trend. But we also need the information to be spread so all efforts are                     valuable.



9. Be sure to tweet articles about what’s going on! Open an article in a browser tab, and most websites have a tweet                button. Just copy/paste the hashtag into the tweet.

This works VERY fast.Otherwise copy the link and paste it in a tweet and add tag.


10. Use ONLY ONE hashtag per tweet, or it doesn’t count towards trending. A tweet with 5 hashtags is USELESS.

11. YALLA lets go!!!!


~ #GazaWaits ~

is the # to be used in all tweets during the storm

~ * ~
@ If you want to address media or politicians use this icon:

@idfspokesperson  @barackobama                         @BBC”  Via  @Bea4Palestine

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