Jewish Partisan Units the terrorists of the 40’s

Our history has many black spots and most of them contain murders and wars, and one type of people seeing themselves as more valuable than every other. These black spots have had a tendency to be shown in subjective ways, me? Yes I do the same, however the people speaking on behalf of the Palestinians have our reasons. This don’t mean we support others acts though. This means we are the voices for people who’s been screaming for help for more then 70 year, but been ignored. 

The “conflict” between Palestine and Israel shows a world in bigger trouble than we originally might have thought. This black spot is strangely identical to Hitlers slaughters during World War 2, but this “conflict” have shown as two-sided. We have the impression that one specific group of people always becomes the victim.  Me too – I have seen the western promotion of the issue, what the Palestinians are saying.
Human Rights activists is fighting for humans, don’t misunderstand us. We will always stand by the side of the ones who suffer, we would have done the same during Hitlers crimes.

I want to clarify a couple of things by comparing one big black spot, with another black spot witch is about to cover all the pretty colorful spots on this earth.  

Europe, Germany, Warsaw 1940. Besides New York in America, Warsaw in Germany has the biggest Jewish community in the world. But in 1940 the German SS-soldiers got orders from their leader to move the 400.000 Jewish citizens into a closed of area. The Jewish population had now idea how much more they had in store other than these 1,3 sq.mile and the soon to be built 10 ft. tall wall, that was about to become their lives for the next years.  Every person needs a sense of security, but this day 400.000 Jews suddenly lost total control of their lives.They didn’t know what the soldiers wanted, didn’t know what would happen to the homes they left behind. The only thing they had to cling on to was their families.

The Warsaw-Ghetto Wall, Germany 1940

The area we know as the Warsaw-Ghetto today, was stuffed with people in a closed area, they didn’t have the necessary equipment to keep health and starvation under control. Because of  that infectious deceases could spread fast and this could get serious consequences for many more than one person, the Jewish people were often well educated, and they knew the dangers with epidemics spreading under these conditions. Constant lack of food also meant constant starvation, and as time went on they understood pretty fast that a body that’s got food in it looks healthier and has more chance of survival in the end.

The great depression in American economy were a fact, and American Jews who had supported their friends in need with financial aid were no longer able to help. This money had been used to smuggle food and medicine inside the wall, and they helped the community for a long time with keeping the death rates down.


In May 1948 Jewish survivors of the second world war officially became “owners of their own state”. From that day the Palestinians suddenly were as unwelcome in their own homes anymore and the similarities between the 400.000 Jews in Warsaw that now had turned into 750.000 Palestinians turned the whole transition from world war to illegal occupation into a happening we wouldn’t have been able to understand if we wanted to.

Palestinians refugees on the run from Nazi surviving refugees 1948
Palestinians refugees on the run from Nazi surviving refugees 1948

As the Jewish settlements grew in the occupied territories, the higher the needs for necessary products became for the Palestinian population.

Today millions of people live in “Gaza-ghetto” and “West Banks-ghetto” with walls higher than the one in Warsaw, and with an army that’s got such high technology, only four can beat them. Is easy to say their security system is a million times better than what they had in the 1940’s.

To get necessary food and medicine in to the enclosed areas they need to dig tunnels, this is an actual fact. Wouldn’t the ancestors of the brutal Nazi camp survivors remember they had to do that to stay alive? Why would the west call them terrorists.. They need to care and for their families feed them and medicate them if needed.

In 1942 the SS-soldiers were ordered to deport parts of the Warsaw-Ghetto to forced-labor camps. They didn’t expect a well organized resistance when they arrived to the ghetto. With hand grenades, Molotov Cocktails and hand weapons the fight came as such a surprise for the soldiers, the suppressed society got a little revenge, well deserved after two years in hell.. the Nazis actually had a couple of casualties those days, and weeks were the resistance held their fort. Well deserved!

July, 22nd 1946. Hmmm suddenly Norway has something in common with Palestine too
July, 22nd 1946. Suddenly Norway has something in common with Palestine too

King Davids Hotel, Jerusalem was a functioning office-building for the Secretariat of the Palestinian Government. The the Headquarters for the British Army were also located here. It was no coincidence that the Jewish leaders gave orders to attack the building, if you want to take over a territory you need to attack were it hurts the most, when least expected. But why as soon as 1946?

Was it “per-negotiations”? No it wasn’t! The deal was already signed. What did they want to accomplish? Friendship??

The British and the Palestinian Government were attacked on state ground and by law this gives the Palestine the legal right to defend themselves with armed forces, remember the law written the year before?

As the Jewish immigrants kept on expanding the territories,from the territories given to them by the Brits. The Brits went home to safe ground – but the Palestinian people were left alone, and as we know the bomb was a clear warning that the immigrants wasn’t in Palestine to become friends – The Palestinian needed to defend themselves too.

As the aggression of the Western intruders grew, the ethnic population’s resistance grew too…. PLO, Fatah, Hamas and civil disobedience (Just like the resistance in the 1940’s were called it the Jewish Partisan Units). They have to do it today, as they had to do it in the 1940’s, had to find ways to smuggle in weapons, all the needed ingredients to make explosives.. any tool that could be used in the fight against those who had taken away their supremacy as a  person. Both Jews in the 40’s and Palestinians (in the 40’s) still fighting, know very well that the violent enemy only listens to a violent resistance. And you have to speak that language if you want the children to have a future. There is a common link, and the link is that both Palestinians and the Jewish population, have to resist an enemy who wants them exterminated.

Consequences? The violent, dangerous intruder lost many on the battlefield in the beginning, both in Germany and with the Western occupants of Palestine. Unfortunately Western people speak Western language, and when they use words like democracy, human rights, coexistence we believe them. If the media backs up those words by saying the acts of Palestinian resistance are acts of terrorism, than this is what we believe. For 60 year refugees from Nazi-camps in Europe has been allowed to commit the same crimes towards the Palestinian people, as the whole world responded to- and ended in 5 years when it was happening to the Nazi-camp refugees.

7000 of the Warsaw-Ghetto Jews were shipped to Treblinka Killing Center. Witch Jew they picked was by coincidence. Too old or too young, too weak or with a handicap, did the Jew have a special talent? Maybe the Jew had a body that was perfect for a medical experiments. Today we hear the same stories in the oppression of the Palestinians. The military prison-camps are modern forced-labor camps. Prisoners no matter what age are abused, tortured and killed. If they die we have proof of grave robbery and organ harvesting. We hear African immigrants are being forced to sterilization and there are some ugly rumors that i really hope is false, who say that viruses like HIV and so on have been injected as experiments i Palestinian bodies.

This selection line was just luck for the Jewish population in the 40’s. But it was the Jewish, Siniti and Roma people that were the ones the Nazis was targeting and wanted exterminated.The years under Nazi control they were living in hell, treated worse than the Americans treated the slaves that came on ships from Africa. If you were from Western-Europe, Nordic were from the “arian race” (don’t like the expression “race”), or if you were one of the lucky ones with the special talent, you wouldn’t be driven with as hard with physical labor as others, Chances of survival was better for these prisoners. But when they came back to the crammed barracks after 10-20 hours of work they had already been starving since breakfast and only food-stamps for bad quality food left them in constant hunger.

This is normal procedure with Palestinians in israeli prison, Women were abused and harassed constantly, this is also something we get more and more documentation of as standard procedure with Arab prisoners-  no matter what gender or age the prisoner has.The Jewish slaves were always afraid that they would be the next one shipped to the Killing Center.

Jewish Partisan Camp, safest place for a Jew to be 1940-45
Jewish Partisan Camp, safest place for a Jew to be 1940-45

But Gestapo experienced resistance too. On Auschwitz for example 5 women were executed 4 of them Jewish, for being caught smuggling in explosives to blow up a crematorium. And the growth of the Jewish resistance in the camps grew so much that just the suspicion of someone trying to flee, resist or sabotage the German’s plan, would be transferred to concentration-camps or executed on the spot. Isn’t these kind of she exact same incidents that we’ve been calling the Palestinians terrorists for executing?

Zionist forced-labor camp 1948. How fast they forget
Zionist forced-labor camp 1948. How fast they forget

When the document findings of 22 similar forced-labor and concentration camps in “Israel” were found, dated all the way back to 1948 they couldn’t really believe what they saw! Similar camps that these immigrants barely came out of alive three years earlier, and they wanted to inflict this hell on others? You also need to keep the Bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in mind. The immigrants started the conflict and the ethnic population needs to protect themselves for ethnic cleansing! As the immigrants power grew, the prison camps grew. And as I said we’ve got pretty clear evidence that these are forced-labor camps too, and the are most definitely in use today.

And still we don’t understand the armed resistance in Palestine, the Western immigrants with direct connections to that truly black spot in our history. And the nations that gathered and united our forces to insure this would never happen again. The media is still trying to scare us with ISIS and “Islamic terror” but finally the Palestinians have won. Unfortunately they haven’t won their freedom yet, but they have won a place in the hearts all around the world. They’ve made us see that the leaders of the West can’t be trusted. They’ve shown us that the most deadly decease on earth is hypocrisy. They have also shown the world a big lesson in what terrorism truly is, and what a rock, a tunnel and a mobile camera brings of power when you’re in your life’s struggle against a black spot that is about to devour our planet and blacken all bright spots that ought to our legacy.

So keep on resisting Palestine! Keep on teaching us life! Your battle is won! You’ve got a legacy to be proud of!!

It's always been Palestine it always will be Palestine
It’s always been Palestine it always will be Palestine

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