Our mission

This is Palestine Momentum

Palestine Momentum is a new social awareness establishment, registered in Norway but with an aim for a global audience. We have an educational goal in this organisation, and we’ve chosen an interactive blog as our approach to educate. We will publish continuous updates from Palestine when the mainstream media turn off their cameras. Our writers are people from inside the occupied territories. Human rights activists from around the world will also contribute with independent research on the issues that we feel is important to inform about.

Lack of authentic knowledge and update on Palestine is one of the main reasons that many people don’t devote their time and efforts in ending the occupation and liberating Palestine, so we hope that our writers will provide a momentum and timely information of what is going on on the ground. Many of Momentum’s writers have a pedagogical bases in their education, and this will be used as a facilitating tool for the reader. With using that in a right manner we aim to develop our reader’s interest in the Palestinian every day situation, and trigger their need for independent investigation.

We hope you will come with an expansion of our posts,  or give a rebuttal if you believe you have found a strong enough case against us. This will pave the way for a conversation in the blog-community, and the reflection with academic argumentation that will expand the knowledge base – and maybe the view on the whole matter.

It’s important to remember that we are doing this with one goal, and that is to educate! And because of that have certain criteria for the academic support you’re allowed to use. We appreciate your donations, money donated to this website will be used as aid to Palestinians.

Why is the “Momentum”  an organisation

Palestine Momentum is a movement; We work together as a team towards our goal, that is a free Palestine. No one in this organisation will be offered payment for their contributions. The people who are part on the movement as permanent writers are on the other hand, free to ask for donations if they need it for other Palestine related issues. If you don’t want to donate money a social awareness organisation, donations of professional time would be greatly appreciate. We hope this will help increasing  the pressure on the media when it comes to telling the whole truth. If we reach our ideal goal the knowledge would spread and the world leaders would cave. Knowledge is power and can force forward a response  to Israel’s criminal acts, with sanctions and military actions!

Solveig Staal
Founder and director
of Palestine Momentum

Our writers

Palestine Momentum has a few handpicked writers that writes in the moment by this i mean they won’t be edited and have no restrictions when it comes to covering over the harsh facts. They are not obliged to sugarcoat a killed child with a picture of a shoo. The writers are not afraid of bringing up taboo topics, as the taboo branding often exist because leaders and media don’t want to be be questioned. The writers without restrictions are writing in symposium, and the reason for that is that basic pedagogical theories say that the development  of knowledge is depending on a dialogue.

We will be taking donations

Our main goal is to be able to collect donations. These will be given to small NOG-organizations in Palestine, You write you get a vote. We also want to take of 10% of the income to give to our contributors. Money in circulation is highly needs. Founder’s 10% of the income will be donated directly to the same organizations.

Rules in the symposium arena

In Palestine Momentum the permanent writers decide the topics. But they are on the same level as the audience and are free to participate as guest writers and expand the information given by the writer or question the writer with opposing arguments. The guest writer will be approved before publication. And need to remember that we are at war with mainstream media, and will not accept, what we see as Zionist connected sources or “memes” to prove us wrong. This can trigger a need to research new information territories and help change people’s mindsets. The guest writer’s articles have a 1000 word limit – this will make the writer process the information from the resources and this will contribute the writer to move towards a new form of social awareness.

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