#Art4 Slavery

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They want to push us out so they can team up with Egypt. They want to coup part of Sinaii desert making it a part of the Gaza Strip “ my contact tells me what Israel wants to get out of this aggressiveness

“The first intifada led to the first period where Gaza was under a total blockade.. Until the now had agricultural society and industry made it  that we were so self-sufficient enough to survive being in a locked cage. But we had problems because we did not get refills of material to keep businesses running. With the blockade we suddenly got a need to work in occupied territory, but this was a high risk gambling – like Russian roulette. It was far from a guarantee that we got the job when  we came out, and if  you were between the ages 20-35 years old, you could not return to Gaza before 9 months had passed. It could become an expensive experience “

He takes a break before continuing.

“After the national government was established in 1995, Palestinians worked again, there were still 150,000 unemployed in total between Gaza and the West Bank, so in a way they were forced to work for the enemy”

I wanted to know a little about the labor situation in Palestine and how Israelis exploit its position as a military power. Everyone has seen how Israel’s brutality has grown in strength these recent years, but I think this is new to western eyes only. We haven’t been told what’s really been going on.

Palestinians are being treated like trapped animals. They are treated like a mix between aliens and labrats. They are being tested on with weapons, they are tested individually physically, mentally by holding back basic human rights, and as a society by restricting educational and financial opertunities. Weapons the west use in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and other war zones across the middle east are to some degree finalized and approved in Palestine.

This is a practice we have seen ones before, and it was the Jewish population suffering. The nazi movement didn’t get to continue this ideology of ethnically cleansing the Jewish population. Unfortunately what we see today makes this seem like a strategy simpley to give the Zionist movement to build the identical ideology in Palestine.

Nazis used the Jews as slaves before they killed them

I continue asking my friend about Gaza. He’s a member of the Council in Gaza, and has also been working under Yasir Arafat and PLO in resisting the Zionist’s expansion of the pre-67 occupation.

“It almost seems like one of the main goals for Israel is to regenerating attack on Gaza is to maintain the a dependent Gaza. You need you to be submissive to have a chance to get your basic needs covered. The urban society, that gives possibility for an independent economical growth and a self-sufficient state within work and education had improved a lot these last years. Didn’t you have shopping malls? Growth in both urban and agricultural infrastructure? “


Vibrant Gaza


Just as we found the treatment of the Jewish prisoners in the Nazi camps in the 40’s. We should see the same inhumanity in the way the Zionists treat the Palestinian population. Just as the Jewish prisoners in Nazi work camps were executed if they showed resistance or signs of sickness. The Palestinians to they are executed if they show resistance, and slowly killed by not receiving proper medical care if they get seriously ill from drinking polluted water or getting cancer.

Can you imagine living under these conditions, and at the same time you’re facing these work conditions under the same regime that is suppressing you? Hard physical labor for under Zionist farmeres. Palestinians had to carry heavy loads manually for over 17 hours a day without giving them many breaks between the turns. The pay was not enough to cover monthly expenses. Not only did they have to receive the orders of commanders who’s occupying country ….

“You wanted to see if Israel use  slaves as workforce, yes? He asks. There you have it! ” 

I have seen many similar cases in the media lately. On 21 January, The Guardian with strong criticism of Israel after a Thai worker had died. Through interviews with immigrants who’s have working in Israel, they came to the conclusion that 122 Thai workers has been killed under extreme work conditions, since 2008. At the same time you’ll find a number of articles about how Israeli soldiers shoot with aim to kill Palestinian child slaves.

physical work .. the blazing desert sun. They had to work until they passed out from exhaustion.
physical work .. the blazing desert sun. They had to work until they passed out from exhaustion.

A little bit of logical thinking will expose the lies

Israel  says they are defending themselves, and I’ll play with you for a little while on this argument. Let’s pretend that the armed resistance in Gaza actually is a threat to the 4th strongest army in the world. If Israel really needs to kill 3,000 people in self-defense. Why don’t they try treating the indigenous population in Palestine better to see if the threat decrease?!

 The bases in Israel’s case  about nation of Israel who’s been threatened l, because of a 67 year old occupation of Palestinian Territories.  Since Israel claims that they are in a defensive position when they are in the positron where they bomb a population without an airport at all?

The threat is because of the violations of many legal subjects. When we investigate this we will see that most of the laws in the Geneva conventions are broken! Why are they allowed to break them?

Seing his life rall into pices
Seeing his life fall into pieces

Norways central role in the lie

When Norway stepped in as mediator between Israel and Palestine (Oslo accords). Palestinian farmers had to flee their home because of demolitions. Their past, presence and future gone! Israeli bulldozers erased  7200 Dunam of agriculture farmland, then they uprooted  20 Dunam with citrus trees (1 Dunam = 1000 sq.m.).

The following days they demolished 32 Palestinian homes, sized a Palestinian cast-iron factory with all its equipment and income, Palestinian Center for Human Rights claims that up to $ 2 billion vanished with the plant.

Outside the blocked Gaza the Palestinians are pushed to the limit by their occupant boss. A second round in which Israel completely block the Gaza’s border crossings. The population in Gaza face even harder restrictions than before. This is a part of the policy ‘collective punishment’. The restrictions of import and export passed the wall, ended with a 50% reduction of income, and considering the conditions in Gaza this is taking it to the limit. $1 billion less gross index is a grave step towards a total humanitarian crisis. If we look at surveys from 1999, we know that 67.2 Palestinians lost their job every month that year.

Meanwhile, international law clearly states that if you’re  going to war the civil society are to suffer as little as possible. If war participant destroys objects that civilians need to survive with intentions it’s committed a human rights violation.

The farmers become vital for the people i Gaza! The damage to the farmers’ livestock and the future food production for the local population will take a major hit they would get  25% less food from inside the wall, but they also suffered a loss of $ 170 million. ie. 55% in direct financial losses for future rebuilding.

2000-2004: Hospitals, medical personal and journalists worked in risky professions. They were seen as a threat that could harm Israel’s security. A TV host who publishes damaging testimonies, or a surgeon who treated an eyewitness and ensured its survival could help proving the crimes committed by Israel. These professionals are often are detained, abused or killed in the line of duty.

Busted ;)
Busted 😉


I’ve been comparing this with the Nazi camps during WW3, but if we look at it we see that both happenings can be compared to slavery. Just as the Jewish captives in concentration camps during WW2 and the Palestinian population under western occupation today, is forced to bow down to an illegal power.

Either way you look at the situation, the Palestinian population contributes to the occupation’s income. By working in their factories, on their farms, or being victims to their weapons (one of the largest industries in Israel). Do as we say or we’ll eliminate you! This is in basic forms slavery, and violations of the fourth article in the United Declaration of Human Right! And something we need to stand up against!

My philosophy is

If you’re silent about injustice inflicted on others today, don’t complain when the same injustice is inflicted on you tomorrow.

Something to think about as we see indications of what our leader see as acceptable treatment of civil society, by supporting Israel and their policies.

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