DEBUNK: Israel a democracy

 The West have given themselves a seat in some high chair…

That we have given ourselves a right to condemn crimes against civil society, and humanity is one thing. The fact that we are the ones who SHOULD be condemned is unfortunately a fact few members of the civil society are aware of.

We have created an illusion that every country rund under the democratic state system is run under brutal dictatorships, with crazy dictators – who is driven by the goal of evaporating the “West”.

Who and what you kill for..  Is there a difference?

Since 2014 the west stands by the condemnation of ISIS. ISIS have giving themselves the right to kill in the name of Islam, and that is unheard of. First of all they aren’t “killing in the name of Islam” Because Islam doesn’t allow killing innocent or this kind of warfare at all.

Ayelet Shaked’s  barbaric statements to the media leaves me in agony. The fact that she is able to use these word as the head of the justice in the Knesset. And that western leaders are able to uphold their defense of the genocide committed on the population in Gaza 2014, and making it accepted in the western society by saying

They have the right to defend themselves, they are ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’.

Tell me please how does this make the west better than ISIS? From only one public speech, these quotes from Ayelet Shaked stuck with me

 “Behind every terrorist stand dozens of men and women”

. She continued the oral slaughter….

“They have to die and their houses should be demolished so that they cannot bear any more terrorists,”.

Now I’m not sure what the fresh justice ministry is talking about her, but if religion is the subject.  I know with scouts honors that if an Arab Muslim saying these exact words out loud in public, we’d say he was a ‘threat to democracy’. By know (2017) it’s clear thet the word terror, is limited to the Muslim or Arab society. So what part of these quotes makes Israel a democracy?

“Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as  religion” (UDHR, 2004, p.104).

I know that the ties between the Jews and the UN Deceleration is special and I’m glad you got the rights to protect your self from a second coming, but I think that you misunderstood. The Human Rights law don’t just created to serve and protect only that one group of people, or these limited, democratic societies.

It’s not that long ago since I heard that Israel was forwarding a suggestion to the UN. They suggested a law that ‘would forbid the right to spread anti-Israeli messages in social media’. From their point of view it IS understanable, because honestly, they really don’t have ANYTHING to say in their defense.

The way Israel’s representative Livni negotiated with Hamas in 2014, makes me wonder why they are pushing the UN for special treatment and selfish rights. Who has the right to call Hamas Human Rights violators, when they are ‘against Human Rights?

I was the Minister of Justice. I am a lawyer… But I am against law – international law in particular. Law in general” , Levin 2014



Rabbi Gilah Langner writes in his introduction in UDHR

” ..the Declaration was a specific response to the horrors of the Holocaust on the part of the newly emerging United Nations. The UN Charter, adopted in 1945″ (2004, p.4). 

This creates a problem! If the Jewish population in an occupying ‘nation’ wants us to remember holocaust with petty, they NEED to change their thought pattern.

Ethiopian Israelis take part in a Jerusalem demonstration April 30, 2015. (AFP/Gali Tibbon)

If religious extremism, and “Islamic” terrorism is what they fear in the Knesset, why do they attack their own? I’m told that tens of thousands kids are taken by the Israeli CPS annually, without protective reason or legal ground. Why do the authorities force birth control on Jewish immigrants from non-western countries? And why did JEWISH Ethiopians have a riot last week in Tel Aviv last week?

This is an interview of Marianne Aziz  about the CPS in Israel by John B. Wells

 Don’t get me wrong, an occupant is an occupant in my mind, and Palestine is Palestine from the river to the sea. But at the same time ‘human rights is human rights’ should cover every individual, and a very effective way to ‘debunk the illusions around this ‘democratic’ occupation’ of Palestine. Or in other words… if this is in fact a ‘democracy’…

Do we REALLY want to protect it?!


For people to understand who the enemy is, they need to look at it from all angels. I see Palestinians suffering under occupation and the goal with my work is to end Palestinian suffering. The most important part of this is what happens at the finish-line.

To educate yourself long-term, you need a high and holistic understanding of the object. If I’m successfully gonna help you with that i need to show you the object (in this case Israel) from all angels. This goes to the Propals as well! The more objective you are in your exposing of Israel, the more credibility you gain. Defensive aggression or accusations of for example – me, now – or anyone exposing Israel’s violations against their own population, doesn’t make them Zionist supporters, it makes them educated with a wide perspective! It makes me harder to break in the end, when I’m able to use the oppression of their own citizens. If ‘democracy’ is an argument in a future debate.


You need to remind yourself that I’m addressing people knowing too little of this issue, to have an opinion based on the truth. I’m addressing the people in the West blindly supporting the occupation of Palestine – because of our leader’s use of the word ‘democracy‘. Maybe if we show them what this ‘democracy’ does to its own population, they will find that this democracy is just as bad – if not worse than who our leaders claim. How do we really need to protect ourselves from?

What is so important with THIS democracy? Why is it so important for our leaders to defend THIS ‘STATE’? For instance this only ADDS to my personal opinion.. ‘If this is a democracy, I don’t want to be a member of a democratic society’!

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