#Art1 All human beings have the right to a nationality

"All human beings equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood" (UDHR, 1948, Art.1)  "Ensures that stateless persons have access to the protection of a Stateso that they are able to live with security and dignity"( CSSP, 1954, p.8) 

A child is born is born in Gaza,

Palestine happily unaware

her state has no belonging

she’ll live in constant fear


She doesn’t know that as she grows older

she will be see,the people who stole her state

don’t care if she eradicate


Little does she know that the torture they hide 

the world treat us unequal.

support settlement with pride

 your right is just a world war squeal


Those that are bound to give her compassion

say they themselves need protection a stupid lie about Hamas’s oppression 

most likely you see they’ll strip all of her dignity

They can’t include they immortalize

she’ll birth a man who terrorize

 You think she deserves universal unity? 


When this child grows older she’ll realize that she is a part of a

population  society inside a wall, a real big cage.

What did she do to deserve a punishment at such young age?


If she wants to leave she can nothing but scratch on the wall,

or scream all day long but will it elevate

a 67 year old apartheid state?


Feel her heart when she hears a drone

 killing her friends so many she’s known.

If I I saw life through her eyes I know what I’d say

“please don’t protect med.. Please go away” 


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